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These aids, Crystal Quantum Radio devices, are  for expert meditators, novice meditators, healers, awakening hearts and spirits, those  wanting to make a difference, anyone ready to live freed from their limiting beliefs and thinking, innovators and agents for change, your next step, messengers and believers in a better world possible, those wanting to manifest their life’s calling and soul’s purpose and those ready for inter-dimensional travel.

YOU CAN Change Your World using CQR Crystal Quantum Radio™  Amulets and Beacons from Brane-Power. An emerging tool, an aid of our time for Conscious Co-Creation, FLOW with what IS & Transformation –

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– Expand your awareness to ALL of yourself – Integrate a larger YOU

Make some space for the mystery.

If you want to raise your consciousness, access your greater self, your power, your creativity, intuition and start manifesting your deepest desire and purpose in your life – Try a Crystal Quantum Radio device.

Introducing Crystal Quantum Radio Beacon and Amulets for meditation and consciousness expansion – Operating on a quantum level, this super easy to use technology for meditation and deeper self access can work for everyone and comes in 2 main forms:

  • table top devices – CQR™  – Crystal Quantum Radio™   Beacons and Superbeacons
  • and wearable, absolutely beautiful   CQR™  – Crystal Quantum Radio™  Amulets

These functional crystal radio circuits – powered by waves emanating from the stars and the explosive force of the Big Bang at the moment of Creation – work on a very subtle level to induce alpha, delta and theta brain wave states, inducing states usually attained in meditation.

The CQR devices are also called “beta-blockers” for their observed decrease in beta brain wave states predominance. This opens doors you could not imagine. Powered directly by radio waves from outer space, this Quantum Device never needs batteries or recharging.

“In all the years that we have been playing in the fields of evolution, we have never seen devices like these. Absolutely everyone who puts one on feels it and wants one. Pretty awesome.” — Jan H., Santa Clara, CA

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These “beta blockers”, so named for their observed effect,  were developed after an accidental discovery E.J. Gold made while working with germanium crystal radios in the early spring 2009.

The observed effect is a decrease in the predominance of  your habitual beta brain wave patterns and  dropping into meditative alpha, delta and theta brain wave  states. The resulting possibilities for your life and soul or spiritual self are almost endless.

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There are  many many testimonials and informative videos that were put up by Brane-Power, here the aura photography or their Yoyodyne Industry website and we invite you to check those out. The testimonials are fun, surprising and mostly down-right amazing –  involving people from all walks of life,  all races, religious or spiritual orientation and with wastly different backgrounds.

These CQR™s from Brane-Power use vintage 1900s crystal radio technology to calm your busy brain and allow your natural spiritual, psychic and intuitive abilities to come through. Users report interesting results related to creativity, skills, prosperity, lucid dreaming, past lives recall, relationships, parallel worlds, paranormal activity, harmony, relaxation, intelligence, profound realizations, life changes, memory, and more.

Awaken your intuition and creativity and become fluid and volitional in voyaging, astral travel, dealing with paranormal activities, drop into deep mediation in just a few minutes, finding your true self and a new life – facilitated through the Crystal Quantum Radio BEACONS and AMULETS created by E.J. Gold.

BeaconWork’s Treasure Trove

“Magic of today – is the science of tomorrow” – E.J. Gold

Let the magic do its work to help you in your process.

Again,  BeaconWork  is delighted to introduce you to the Crystal Quantum Radio™ –  meditation and transformation devices, CQR™ Beacons and CQR™ Amulets from Brane-Power.

We welcome you to explore, browse and make your choices.

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Beaconwork is about the Crystal Quantum Radio Devices from Brane-Power to help with transformation of life, self, accessing alternate realities and parallel selves – for the benefit of all