Which Super Beacon is best?

In deciding which Super Beacon is “better”,  it really is more of  a question of which Super Beacon fits better with your needs and preferences.

Super Beacon

Currently, Brane-Power offers 2 versions of the Super Beacon: The full size table top Super Beacon and the “portable” Super Beacon. They are both equally functional for the full Beacon Training and both come with built-in Black Tourmaline Protectors.

The Tourmalines are not visible in the Portable Super Beacon as they are part of the circuit and are contained within the black casing.

If you do energy work or have a healing practice with a healing room, or are planning to use the Super Beacon in a public place, a full size table top version is what I would recommend. That is what I would have chosen when I still had my healing practice. The Super Beacon just looks great and you can also demonstrate and have the client experience the hand cleansing and charging, which is nifty.  Check out the video on how that works.

Portable Super Beacon

However, if you do travel a lot and want to take the Super Beacon with you – then the Portable Super Beacon might be the way to go. It literally can fit into a pocket of a coat or jacket. You may want to consider if you visit clients in their homes, or go to fairs a lot, events such as burning man, visit yoga studios and so on. Or, maybe you really really don’t have the space to accommodate the full size Super Beacon in your home, in which case you’d get the portable. If you love your parallel world excursions or your daily beacon practice and travel a lot,  this portable meditation device is well worth it.

If you want to get both at the same time, there may be a a special offer or discount you can negotiate with brane-power.

In this video I tried to give you a visual impression of the size and spacial impact of the Portable Super Beacon and the Super Beacon as well as a quick demo of the cleanser/charger function.

8 thoughts on “Which Super Beacon is best?”

    1. The origin and development of the beacon are shamanic. Some of why and how it works “exactly” may not be explainable at this time. We just observe that it does. There are some short term and almost instant effects, and some longer term effects.

      Something about exposing our energy field and becoming part of a subtle radio circuitry seems to cause amazing changes in states of consciousness and perception in those who use it. Even just holding on to the grippers is causing shifts within a few minutes in most people who have tried it. We cannot predict what exactly will happen for each individual. Intention will play a role as well as each individual’s tendency to experience certain states in particular ways. For example, some will have a lot of visual phenomena, some a kinestetic sense or higher emotional response. Some will have lingering effect of a totally changed dream-life. However it manifests – the trigger or inspiration to drop into alpha, theta or delta states appears to be on the finer levels of the electromagnetic field after sitting down and holding on to the grippers as well as listening to the inductions. Some folks access parallel worlds even without the inductions.
      It is possible that the Law of Contagion and the Law of Similarity also play a role in the function of the Beacon.

      But really, that is just how we think it may work. It does work however, and repeated dropping into meditative states eventually alters brain chemistry and function and the way we are here, generally stabilizing on a higher developmental level.
      Access to and perception of other realities and your access to parallel world persona ceases to sound like science fiction but becomes part of your reality.

    1. Hello,

      I just wanted to ask a question: My wife and I purchased the SuperBeacon about 10 years ago! I didn’t have more than 2 weeks. Because within one week, both my wife and myself experienced our greatest fears! A no way out “fear”. We were listening to the 1st CD on level one (which by the way are really great), The dream or vision or dimensional trips were so uncannily real that my wife wanted me to get rid of the SuperBeacon.

      We did! That was the last time i used one since! But now 10 years wiser and 10 years later and after doing some hard ground covering of information from what others experienced I know now why these negatives came at house.

      It was like an “house” cleaning and one of my big fears is falling into deep water, I just can’t swim! The place where the SuperBeacon took me was on a Naval Ship out in the middle of the seas! I touched the warm metal of a hatch door to make sure it was real! Then I opened the hatch and walk-inside reaching the Captains bridge!

      Naval officers were plotting on an acrylic board and others were watching radar. I looked over the front of the boat and noticed a giant whirlpool forming! I seen other ships around us. They looked anchored but the force of this twister was pulling all of us down near its funnel.

      I said to myself, we are going to die and I can’t even swim! I felt completely hopeless. Then I blacked out and when into heavy REM. My wife’s dream was so bad that she cried that morning. She used the SuperBeacon and listened to the 5 minute induction like I did and this happened the same night for the both of us.

      People are new to this ought to be warned that, they could face a negative universe! We wanted something good to happen and it happened the opposite way! Don’t get me wrong I loved the Beacon and I am permanently going to buy it the last time! But my wife refuses to use it.

      Can someone please tell us where we missed it to have been thrusted in our worse personal fears at the same night by morning. Thanks for you time!

      1. Seeing this one months later, I apologize for not responding earlier. That sure was scary. I don’t think you “missed” anything. It is possible you are very open and perceptive to this, maybe more so than most others who have tried this. It might indeed be good to have a bit of a clarifying “warning” about parallel lives and possibly challenging experiences. One thing Mr. Gold had told me way back years ago is that I’d be contacting my next nearest personae, ones that have greatest impact on my life/are resonant. My first experience was …how should I say, interesting….and integrating it actually ended up helping me a great deal in this life. I wrote this post (link below) hoping to make it easier and possibly helping to face/integrate whichever that terrifying situation/persona/parallel life might have been. In case you didn’t see it – this is the one -http://www.beaconwork.org/beacons/how-the-superbeacon-helped-me-in-this-life/ Thank you again for sharing.

  1. I feel like the kid looking through with both hands inside a toy store wishing I had those particular toys! Well, finally my wish is coming true! No longer do I have to look inside the display window but I will have the very thing I wanted so badly, that is the SuperBeacon which I purchased along with 3 amulets, “The Touch of Grey Alien”, Portal, Wormhole amulet.

    I requested EJ to custom make my box a little different instead of using a ABS opaque box. I wanted to see his electronic art work, sounds silly, even when I get to see it I have no idea what it is, because I am not an electronic person. Math was my most difficult subject! I thought it would match my furniture in my living room!

    So I asked it be made of either oak or pine material with a glass top to view the non working circuitry. It looks similar I imagine to the Mark V beacon years ago. This is the first time he built the upgraded super beacon in any type of wooden case!

    I owned one 10 years ago! But at the strong request of my beloved wife of 10 years of marriage told me if you don’t get rid of it I will, so I had to give it back! You see we both were without total understanding of the unit. We were propelled into a world we never knew would happen to us in our lifetime.

    Imagine this, we only had it for week and half and we experienced our first negative parallel universes. 5 years later which is today in our lives now going on 15 years of our wedding anniversary, my wife wanted to give me a present and she took my hands and looked straight into my eyes and said, I love you! I want to get you something special, something that is you!

    I looked at her and said, what would that be? She told me, I hastily made you give back something you really loved to do because of my fears…So I want to buy you a SuperBeacon a special one because I love you! I looked at her and told her the super beacon will never replace our love. She told me, maybe not, but it will bring out the best in both us!

    Because you studied hard for over a year about this device, hour after hour you poured all your time and sweat into your blog and helping those around you all year long. Now it’s your turn, this is your time to bring to life the Beacon Mysteries and it’s time to join with your circle of friends at Brane Power and make good in this world it could use it!

    What could I say! Yes! I will accept your gift! But she is still a little nervous about it but she trusts me that if she has a bad trip to another universe she will try to understand why. But this time I will have her wear the double black diode for her nightly protection! I will wear all 3 of my amulets when I go to sleep after the beacon training.

    One other thing, when my wife experienced this parallel universe she never used the beacon personally. It was me, I used it sitting in bed while she was already sleeping! This shows how power this instrument is just being in the same room with the super beacon. I didn’t experience yet what the good doctor has on this blog, but I appreciate what she or he has done getting the word out.

    At superhdr.blogspot.com, I too reach 3000 readers monthly on average to my site, telling them about the Brane Power products and other supplemental tools to aid them in parallel worlds. MD he or she who writes this blog, you are more than welcome to come visit my blog, you will read about things you probably never heard about before! Get ideas you never thought would be helpful using the SuperBeacon.

    These comments are address to any future readers coming to this site…not necessarily those who been visiting a few years ago. Doctor, I was impressed with your stories and your facts you discovered about yourself. It takes a lot of guts to come out into the mainstream and I understand why you remain anonymous as I also do on my site. I say the messenger is not important but the messages themselves given to the people is!

    My persona is Scarecrow! I physically experienced dimensional traveling while in my car to pickup my wife! Not from the SuperBeacon at the time but from another device a crude electronic radionic and electro-magnetic tool called the Gibbs HDR.

    I thought this was the end all beat all device! It couldn’t be used by just anyone! One had to educated in radionics in order to activate it! Until I discovered the beacon. The Gibbs HDR came out in 1986 and EJ Gold’s products came out in 2009! It was about that 2009 when I experienced my first physical dimensional experience is the best I could call it!

    So I know one thing, this beacon makes my HDR look crude such as a steak knife verse a stone flint knife! Ancient!

    1. Hello there Dennis, it may be hard to believe, but I am only this evening (September 18, 2016) seeing this – what a touching story, and thank you so much for sharing it. I must say I have heard about you and always wondered what happened.

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