Brane-Power in the hospital or when sick

Brane-Power CQR use when you are in the hospital or sick

OMG – sudden onset of the worst headache of her entire  life – to the ER asap -> bleeding in the brain – ER transfer to tertiary care – surgery – neuro ICU …. Recently I spent many many hours in a tertiary care hospital and had the opportunity to observe a few things. One of them was how to use Brane-Power’s Crystal Quantum Amulets in the hospital.

Getting a certain kind of not just physical, but also emotional and spiritual support is very important in the healing process. The very first was a request for readings – and to keep the amulets close by.

The person in the hospital has been using and feels very connected to the Crystal Quantum Radio devices and has been using them since they became available in 2009 and is aligned with what is becoming more and more clear: that you are able to change into parallel worlds. Like: you can’t change the world, but you can change worlds.

Staples in the scalp

So all this time, through all the pain or medication or procedures, there was an awareness about what is important to her and that was communicated to as well as respected by the nurses: The amulets are important to me – keep them with me all the time.  The amulets working as they do AND providing a connection to the spiritual dimension.
Can it be done to keep the amulets on all the time? Well, here is 1 hint: with central catheters and a drain through the scull to alleviate the blood putting pressure on the brain: is does not work well to keep them around your neck  on any chains. Why – because they need to be taken off for tests, so leather chains you put over your head will not work as taking them off would require undoing the tube connections, increasing risk of infection. You definitely do NOT want that. Even the ones on a silver chain had to come off – as it would interfere with some of the radiological tests.

Quantum Witch and Slipstream on a pin

So – How do you keep the amulets with you at all time: with pins, like this:

Next: which ones would you want?

  1. 1 – any you want to have there because you feel connected to them and know what they can help you do.
  2. 2 – The 2 amulets that are especially designed for helping you slip into the parallel world with the best possible outcome are: Quantum Witch and Slipstream amulet.

You can hold on to them at all times when awake, falling asleep holding them and rest knowing they will be there creating and maintaining a field which will help with realigning and healing and “slipping” into the parallel world with the best possible outcome for your situation and being.
Once you are able to hold on to the grippers of your zone-box or superbeacon – do that.

When possible, you can listen to healing music through headphones. Some of the recorded hapi drum music is really nice. The zone box inductions Wellness, Relaxation and Worry were on top of the list for spoken words. If you can get gentle foot massages – that can be relaxing too.

Get help with a mantra the big message: take the rowboat ♥ (help is what arrives after you asked for help – or when you ask for help, please don’t specify how the help has to be given)
TAKE the help that is there and offered.

If you can write – keep a journal.

If possible, get your family or friends bring you organic juices and food.

Stay in charge of your healing as much as you can – you know best…and at the same time: take the rowboat.

You MUST be extremely careful with using scents and oils as some of the medical staff may literally have an allergy attack – > just don’t use them.

Energy – Readings help (Clear Light from the ABD from the appropriate chambers from the Angels Healing Journey)  prayers, sending good energy, healing wishes and visualization through the ethers makes a big difference.

And above all, we give our gratidude

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