Electronic Extra-Dimensional Voice Phenomenon Kit for Ghost Hunting with the Super Beacon

Pic from this video on youtube http://youtu.be/YvT7ekcwx4Y

Some folks want to use their Super Beacon in ghost hunting and/or want to actually hear the sounds, music or voice messages that might be coming through.

All Super Beacons and indeed all circuits are tested and tuned before they ship, and unless someone changes the actual circuits inside the box, they work fine, even if you can’t hear anything. The unit is still receiving the frequencies and  connecting with you through the grippers. Brane-Power uses an in place many feet antennaand a solid ground for testing, the kind of ground as in the actual ground (earth). If you are going ghost-hunting, that won’t work and you’ll want a portable unit, and E.J. Gold developed one just for those ghost hunters among you. You MUST make sure your ground is electrically sound, his is your responsibility – having that said however, there is an EVP – Extra Dimensional Voice Phenomena Kit, which is an antenna/ground and an amplifier unit you can get at yoyodyne industries. Here is someone who did just such ghost-hunting and took the time to upload some of the finding. This is the first video of 3 of a total of 3 hours of ghost hunting.

A side note – working with the Super Beacon inductions and meditations,  it is NOT a radio frequency you are after. If you just want to listen to a station, a radio might be better :)

Have fun with the video – it shows how they worked, very nice indeed – and oh, you can see the Super Beacon and the antenna ground amplifier kit briefly in the beginning (as in the picture on top).  Again – when using the electric ground, make sure it is safe.