Years after my first SuperBeacon experience

It has been several year since my very first Super Beacon experience, and back then I thought the 2 weeks it took to integrate that persona, blissfully peaceful after the initial encounter,  were all that was really needed. Years later it became apparent just how important that encounter was for me. I wrote about it here on this page How the SuperBeacon experience helped me in this life    on the Superbeacon page section, just adding a post about it – in hopes it might be helpful to someone passing by. If you do have a strong experience during one of the  parallel  personae (PUP) excursions of Beacon Level I, it is well worth looking at it closer … (and everyone’s experience of the PUP inductions is different, as for example, some may have no noticeable experience at the time, only to realize later some new and unexpected things in life, attitude changes and so on..)

One thing I have found is…new challenges arise as consciousness expands to include more and more of all that is, including your SELF…and one still has to accept and work with one’s current body-mind and conditioning…and what appears to be happening in our current environment.

Be kind to yourself


Many Blessings





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