CQR Quantum Healing Angels

One of the objects on the altar set up for the distance healing spaces on gorebaggtv is a CQR Quantum Healing Angel.  Why?

Because I am specifically calling on higher entities and angelic forces to help us. Below you find more specific reasons of why they are called like this CQR Quantum Healing Angels, and why they are the colors they are.


Why quantum – because that is how it works in quantum mechanics like spooky action at a distance – it is spooky healing at a distance. The crystal quantum radio circuit embedded in the angels connects with that space specifically.

Why angel – because it signifies and connects with higher vibrational, not usually physical entities or energies to aid or guide us on our earthly journey. Usually the word angel comes with a positive connotation, whereas “spirits” can bring up other feelings. Higher vibrational entities or energies, spirit guides, angels – they all can be called upon. I am specifically calling on healing angels, higher beings to help us with health, well-being and awakening.

Why are angels shown with wings? To indicate they are beings that can fly – as in …move through the air, teleport. Do they really need wings for that, given their don’t have physical bodies and this is in quantum space? no. Ancient alien theorists even go so far as to say that angles are really otherworldy beings, aliens, who visit us, and used spaceships to fly. In any case, showing a figure with wings is an immediate reminder that we are not dealing with a mere mortal human.

Why Healing? This is made for a healing event, hence healing angel. Many traditions talk about entities who come to help humans. Angel Raphael is one of them. He is considered the healing angel in the christian religion. What makes this a healing angel vs any other angel – the colors.

Why these colors?  The healing angel Raphael is associated with the color green. Modern medicine determined that certain colors have a soothing and relaxing effect on humans – greens and blues. Our body-minds are still very connected and receptive to the sky, the seas, and the green color of trees and plants – and respond with relaxation. Some colors are more neutral, and some are stimulating and invigorating – sometimes to the point of eliciting a fight or flight disposition. Myself, I have always preferred blues and greens.

This does not mean that in color therapy, for example, you would not choose or need other colors.

Since in a healing space relaxation is more effective,   the angels were made with those colors – mostly greens with a touch of blue, plus white to signify light and purity of intention,  and some with a sprinkle of purple.

Charging objects. Some of the objects of my healing altar are charged from the way they got made, and from being in many higher spaces already.

The CQR Quantum Healing Angel is charged from how and where it is  made. Being in the healing spaces, it will continue to charge and eventually become highly psychometric artifact.

Quantum Healing Angels can become very special altar objects. You can do this with any of your chosen altar objects. You can read up on the function of altars here.

I hope this explains my choices for the CQR Quantum Healing Angel.

PS – the colors shown on the web are not exactly how the colors look in “real” life. It depends on your screen as well as the lighting during time of photography.



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