Hi, Dokini here. Allies in your process in life can be friends, family, networks, groups, information, animals, programs and methods to increase your level of skill, shift your energy field and more.

One such ally for  transformation, awakening and evolution is the CQR™ – Crystal Quantum Radio – Technology from Brane-Power,

and I  want to make this available to you – because of powerful experiences I personally have had with these devices, because of hundreds of testimonials from people who CQRs have worked for, because it makes sense in a worldview and physics that have outgrown the old model … and because I love this Earth, our human home and all her living beings on it, all her waters and lands and because we have no time to loose to change course or to change into a world where humans live in harmony and mutual respect with one another and their environment.

Waking up is part of  being’s process and work to evolve – to “grow” their soul. Working with these devices helps the waking up process. To me – the manifest world is the body of the Absolute. We humans need to wake up – grow up – clean up and show up as the divine spiritual beings we are. Since my very first exposure involved a Beacon and was a very powerful experience, I called the working with the CQR Beacon and the levels: BeaconWork.

Many feel the call to a larger life and deep transformation in these times of tremendous change on our planet. Once you agree and are willing to step up to the plate, the allies will come to aid in your process. If you are reading this CQRs – Quantum Crystal Radio devices are likely meant to be a tool on your path.

Enjoy your explorations here on BeaconWork

I invite you especially to browse and check out the testimonials, amulets and beacons and the related websites, brane-power.com and yoyodyneindystries.com. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, in English or Spanish related to BeaconWork, Crystal Quantum Radio devices, “The Work” or how you can get to be part of this. I also created a BeaconWork blogspot blog – which a lot of folks think is really cool.

Philosophical titbits:

My attitude to the natural world: sacred stewardship – or care-taking.

Is it true, is it necessary, is it kind?

From an Integral point of view, simply “Waking Up” isn’t enough. We are also being called to “Grow Up” (mature emotionally), “Clean Up” (engage in shadow work), and “Show Up” (embody our insight in our daily lives).  – integrallife.com

I like that: wake up – grow up – clean up – show up

“Enlightenment is just the beginning, later on come other skills, …patience, a forgiving nature, extreme attention….”

– E.J. Gold

“I” don’t get what I want – I get what I need – this is what I accept for the sake of evolution of being.

There is compassion,  and then there is mercy – compassion in action. Beware of idiot compassion.

Who am I? Best I can tell –  a spiritual being with a human body. For those interested in my human journey on earth, see more here.

In 2009, the Beacon started showing up, and not having any for or against feeling about it, being truly neutral and without agenda one way or another, as best as I could tell, I had an interesting and unexpected experience with it just holding the grippers. I reported on it the next day, and even though a dear friend of mine said: “not convincing” I know what happened for me. It took me 2 weeks to integrate it.

The Crystal Quantum amulets followed soon thereafter, Brane-Power came into being and to this day I am amazed and the many many testimonial of experiences and life changes reported from folks using those devices. The Beacon is meant to be an aid, per Mr. Gold, something you eventually can do without.

These days I am finding myself acting in ways I never have in my life. .. and towards being an activist. Helping K9s was born in the Summer of 2011 and I am in the process of discovering the world of Natural Dog Training, while in training at the Animal Behavior College.  I am looking for folks in the integral field who are passionate about dogs. I am  revamping BeaconWork. And in May 2012 – I started working with chickens – WOW – another door ….

Something is pulling me to do what I am doing in working this Helping K9s thing….. finding myself where I am – with only simply words.

And here we are back to BeaconWork.

This works where you are at – no matter where you find yourself on the ladder.

There are things we can’t yet explain with “science” and it bothers me not 1 little bit – except I feel bad for those who still depend on it for moving ahead, unable to just let go and experiment and allow something to work for them. One thing Tom Brown said: for that 1 week you are here, just play and put your scientific mind on the self. Just play and allow and observe. He encouraged sharing of experiences and successes from the various meditations and experiments saying that one person’s success is everyone’s success, and that we all would be reporting at some point or another – and so it was. I still bow in deep respect and gratitude.

This may be why I have faith and trust in all the testimonials of people using the beta blocker devices.

This technology works to alter your state of Being, it opens possibilities and portals for you to step through, and it seems to be working for folks on a number of levels and life-streams. Getting in touch with your intuition, creativity, higher self, love, compassion, psychic abilities and more is not dependent on your religious orientation, but about a willingness to let go of old patterns and conditioning and drop into deeper states of Being, which are associated with alpha, delta and theta brain-wave states. The Crystal Quantum Radio Amulets and Beacons help with that. And don’t forget: Quantum is not in normal space-time. We have not even scratched the surface of what is possible.

Again, I invite you to browse and check out the testimonials, amulets and beacons and the related websites. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, in English or Spanish related to BeaconWork, Crystal Quantum Radio devices, “The Work” or how you can get to be part of this.

For those of you who wonder why I don’t sell Beacons and Amulets here – I am too busy to deal with being a wholesaler….because I have so much to do with a number of other things – one of which is: Helping K9s. If you love dogs or animals in general, please check out my website  Helping K9s. or the Helping K9s facebook page  or the Natural K9 Training blog. It is better explained in the part of my human story see more here.

In 2012 another shift happened and  – chickens and gardening with chickens became a big part of my life – and what an experience it has been.

In 2014 I began teaching online art classes – Pencil Magic – 🙂

BeaconWork is an offering to make this tool, the Quantum Crystal Radios more accessible for those who may need it.

The Spanish part below is a small contribution to alert Spanish speaking folks to the Crystal quantum radios.

Quiénes somos

Somos de todas partes del planeta y de distintos caminos; pero tenemos varias cosas en común y una de ellas es trabajar juntos en este proyecto con el fin de servir Además todos trabajamos con otras personas en grupos en nuestro camino espiritual.

Mucha gente siente la llamada de una vida superior mayor y una profunda transformación durante esta época de enormes cambios planetarios. Una vez que asientas y estés disponible a asumir el reto, vendrán los aliados para ayudar en tu proceso. Estos aliados pueden ser amigos, redes, información, programas y métodos para aumentar tu habilidad, cambiar tu campo energético y más. Uno de estos aliados es el CQR™ – La Tecnología de las Radio de Cristal Cuánticas de Brane-Power. Queremos hacer que te esté disponible.

Esta tecnología trabaja para cambiar el estado de tu Ser. Ponerte en contacto con tu intuición, creatividad, ser superior, amor, compasión, habilidades psíquicas e incluso otras cosas. no tiene nada que ver con tu orientación religiosa sino con la buena voluntad de soltar los viejos patrones y condicionamientos y entrar en estados de Ser más profundos, que están asociados con los estados de ondas cerebrales alfa, delta y zeta. Los Amuletos y Beacons de Radios de Cristal Cuánticas ayudan con este proceso.

Te invitamos a navegar por nuestra web y echar un vistazo a los testimonios, amuletos y beacons y las webs relacionadas. No dudes en hacer preguntas relacionadas con trabajar con los beacons, los aparatos de Radios de Cristal Cuánticas, “el Trabajo” o sobre cómo tú puedes formar parte de esto.

Here is a video from when some of my friends from Spain were visiting.


Beaconwork is about the Crystal Quantum Radio Devices from Brane-Power to help with transformation of life, self, accessing alternate realities and parallel selves – for the benefit of all