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Amulets are objects that have been worn by humans since the dawn of civilization for many magical reasons, primarily for protection and warding off negative energies as well as good luck, prosperity and healing. The amulets you find here are CQR  – Crystal Quantum Radio meditation  amulets. Also called Super Energetic Generators for Quantum Mechanical Auxiliary Effects, these wearable Germanium Crystal Radio Amulets work on subtle levels to shift your brain wave patterns and consciousness. Instant state changes are possible and sometimes you’ll notice shifts in yourself and your life over the course of a few weeks, yet, you always stay in the driver’s seat: these amulets do require your cooperation to step through the portals they open.

These amulets are also called “beta blockers” for their observed quality to drop out of beta brain wave states into the alpha, delta and theta waves. This facilitates all kinds of extra-ordinary experiences.  See all amulets here

Access your creativity, intuition, psychic abilities, higher beings, guidance, restoration, well-being, happiness, prosperity, higher intelligence, love, paranormal sensing, angelic dimensions, integrate higher knowing to manifest in your life – with a Brane-Power Amulet.

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The changes as a result of working with the amulet and allowing the process can be instant or gradually unfolding in your life. Everyone is unique, all our paths are unique. Many amulets are designed with a specific focus – yet what actually happens for YOU and how you use your amulet will depend on your particular Being and path.

E.J. Gold’s CQR™ – Crystal Quantum Radio™ Amulets use vintage 1900s crystal radio technology to calm your busy brain and allow your natural spiritual, psychic and intuitive abilities to come through. Users report interesting results related to creativity, skills, prosperity, lucid dreaming, past lives recall, relationships, parallel worlds, paranormal activity, harmony, relaxation, intelligence, memory, and more. Many testimonials are available on yoyodyneindustries.com

This CQR™ – Crystal Quantum Radio™ Amulet never needs batteries or recharging, this Quantum Device is powered directly by radio waves from outer space.

Amulet array

How to choose an amulet:
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One of the best ways to choose an amulet is to allow yourself to follow your intuition. Sometimes putting an amulet on the back of your hand can help with that. For specific phases of work with the Beacon, E.J. Gold has made a few recommendations. We have provided some information about the amulets which also can help you decide. Still, in the end, we recommend to let your heart talk.

Here is how a German Physicist described a Brane-Power Amulet upon seeing one for the first time, and having never heard about them:
“Ah, ein superenergetischer Generator fuer quantum-mechanische Hilfseffekte.” = a superenergetic generator for quantum mechanical auxiliary effects.

How do these Crystal Quantum Radios work?

Good question, and one that might touch on many topics. Here is, very very briefly, how one could go about understanding it: We do know that these devices are in fact picking up radio waves and all kinds of static. Just as homeopathic remedies seem effective in non measurable concentrations, so does being connected with these currents seem to affect subtle levels of  Self and decrease the ingrained structures one is accustomed to, ie decrease habitual beta brain chatter – and allow other states to come forth – alpha, theta and delta – with all that can come from that. The intentions of the creator of these devices as well as your own, your Being’s intention to grow, evolve and become consciously manifest as the authentic you, all that plays a role in this process.  You get connected, tap into a different matrix when you wear these amulets. And then there is the new earth energy of awakening which is bringing forth various new technologies, the CQR Crystal Quantum Radios being one of them – and there you have it: an amazing device to aid in your process – with unique effects for everyone depending on where each one of us is at.

The kind of bezel does also change the properties and so will wearing these amulets with other types of amulets.

New information and energies are emerging on this planet at this time which sometimes are not explainable. Sometimes it really is that today’s “magic” is the science of tomorrow. Sometimes you need a more developed high sense perception to see or sense what’s going on. How is it that Quantum Physics now says dinosaurs are literally walking through your living room – just in another vibrational world.  Is that wild or what? The limitations of your body to go there are not the limitation of your spiritual Being and consciousness. These devices work for folks, even though we don’t know exactly how.

How to care for a CQR Beta-Blocker Amulet from Brane-Power:
The most important aspect is: be attentive to what you do with it.
We have seen most people wear an amulet every day for months and it looks like new. The secret really is: care for it . . . and it will continue to shine.
Here are some hints that can help:
Don’t wear your amulet into the shower or go swimming with it as they are not water-proof. It is best not to immerse it in liquids in general. It just won’t look as nice after a while, even though the circuit will continue to work.
If you expose the crystals to hard or scratchy material, they will eventually become scratched. Consciously placing the amulet in a special place after use will work better in that regard than casually dropping it into your jewelry container or onto a night table.
Fingerprints or body oils can be cleaned off with a very soft cloth such as an eyeglass or camera lens cleaning cloth. The silver bezel can be shined up nicely with a jewelry cloth.
Should an accident occur with your amulet, you can send it back to Brane-Power for repair. The company is very good about that.

CQR™ Crystal Quantum Radio™ Amulets are NOT Medical Devices.

The CQR™ – Crystal Quantum Radio™ is not intended for the prevention, diagnosis or treatment, of any disease. It is an Alpha-Theta focusing reinforcement, meditation-assisting aid for spiritual astral travel and expansion of consciousness into the realm of Spirit. No voltage of any kind is delivered to the body through the use of this device. Psychic sensitives are advised to proceed slowly as the spiritual effect may be surprisingly potent.
Enjoy this  video of the beautiful CQR amulets

The Black Diode – an all around strong amulet and most recommended by E.J. Gold to work with while you are doing BeaconWork.

Black Diode Amulet

One of the best ways to choose which amulet is for you is to relax and notice which one you feel drawn to.


Beaconwork is about the Crystal Quantum Radio Devices from Brane-Power to help with transformation of life, self, accessing alternate realities and parallel selves – for the benefit of all