Crystal Quantum Amulets at a Glance

Choose an amulet: Look, sense and feel as your gaze rests a moment on each amulet image below and, let your intuition guide you to which one you feel drawn to. For more information on how these amulets work or how to choose the right one for you, here is the  general amulet page. How to choose an amulet has some additional information. Some folks like to use the CQR Amulet Select-o-Matic on For the most updated list, please go to the Brane-Power select-o-matic.

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Black Diode

Double Black

El Brujo

Circle of Peace

Ghost Hunter

Ghost Hunter Deluxe

Love Power


Pocket Protector


Quantum Coil

Quantum Spider

Quantum Witch

Quantum Wizard

Quantum Tesla


Smart Pill


Tantric Star

Twin Turbo

The Classic

Crystal Quantum Amulets – magic of today is the science of tomorrow.

Beaconwork is about the Crystal Quantum Radio Devices from Brane-Power to help with transformation of life, self, accessing alternate realities and parallel selves – for the benefit of all