Amulet arrays – E.J. Gold’s choice

E.J. Gold during a Brane-Power presnetation in November 2010

During the International Thanksgiving Workshop 2010, E.J. Gold joined in during a Brane-Power presentation. At some point the question arose how to choose an amulet, given that there are different amulets as well as different types of people. One question you  need to ask yourself  is: What is your intention, your goal with an amulet? Even then, they work much like homeopathy in that the same amulet can work differently for different people and even the same person at different times.

E.J. Gold said: “If I were to equip myself I would probably select:

Quantum Witch

SpiralBlack Diode or Double Black Diode, El Brujo and Quantum Witch, and I’d feel I have most of what I would like covered.”

He also said something else quite interesting: “You really do not need to worry about which amulet to get. It will choose you, and the one you end up with is the one you were meant to have.”


For more on how to choose an amulet, you may check out this post or the general amulet page.

Just a general word on combining amulets: Wearing different amulets will affect your field in different ways. Amulets can complement each other and their effect tends to be additive. Combining them with other type of jewelry, especially certain stones,  does also change their effect on a subtle level.

Black Diode
Double Black Diode

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