What are Custom Amulets?

Custom Amulets generally are special request amulets from customers who had a specific function or specific combination of attributes in mind for their amulet. Some of those amulets later get incorporated, with permisson,  into the yoyodyne amulet offerings,  such as the Beauty Inner Radiance, Astral Travel, the Bifur and Lord’s Prayer amulet. Other custom amulets however remain unique and specific to the person who requested it are are not made available.

Some custom amulets are exclusives for other businesses and available elsewhere.  If you would like to commission a specific amulet for your shop, website or business with exclusive sales rights, contact Brane-Power for more information.

Custom amulets are different from special purpose amulets.  You might call them custom amulets   in that they are meant for a primary “custom” purpose, like the Labyrinth Readers Amulet, the wearable altar for Readers using the American Book of the Dead,  and the French Drop amulet, specifically made to practice the French Drop.

Some main line  “regular” amulets can be made custom by adding the Taijitu, the Yin-Yang symbol or other images, such as of your children, plants, pets etc. Those amulets will be in dollar sized bezels. You would have to send us the digital image you would like to use.

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