CQR Quantum Healing Angels

One of the objects on the altar set up for the distance healing spaces on gorebaggtv is a CQR Quantum Healing Angel.  Why?

Because I am specifically calling on higher entities and angelic forces to help us. Below you find more specific reasons of why they are called like this CQR Quantum Healing Angels, and why they are the colors they are.


Why quantum – because that is how it works in quantum mechanics like spooky action at a distance – it is spooky healing at a distance. The crystal quantum radio circuit embedded in the angels connects with that space specifically.

Why angel – because it signifies and connects with higher vibrational, not usually physical entities or energies to aid or guide us on our earthly journey. Usually the word angel comes with a positive connotation, whereas “spirits” can bring up other feelings. Higher vibrational entities or energies, spirit guides, angels – they all can be called upon. I am specifically calling on healing angels, higher beings to help us with health, well-being and awakening.

Why are angels shown with wings? To indicate they are beings that can fly – as in …move through the air, teleport. Do they really need wings for that, given their don’t have physical bodies and this is in quantum space? no. Ancient alien theorists even go so far as to say that angles are really otherworldy beings, aliens, who visit us, and used spaceships to fly. In any case, showing a figure with wings is an immediate reminder that we are not dealing with a mere mortal human.

Why Healing? This is made for a healing event, hence healing angel. Many traditions talk about entities who come to help humans. Angel Raphael is one of them. He is considered the healing angel in the christian religion. What makes this a healing angel vs any other angel – the colors.

Why these colors?  The healing angel Raphael is associated with the color green. Modern medicine determined that certain colors have a soothing and relaxing effect on humans – greens and blues. Our body-minds are still very connected and receptive to the sky, the seas, and the green color of trees and plants – and respond with relaxation. Some colors are more neutral, and some are stimulating and invigorating – sometimes to the point of eliciting a fight or flight disposition. Myself, I have always preferred blues and greens.

This does not mean that in color therapy, for example, you would not choose or need other colors.

Since in a healing space relaxation is more effective,   the angels were made with those colors – mostly greens with a touch of blue, plus white to signify light and purity of intention,  and some with a sprinkle of purple.

Charging objects. Some of the objects of my healing altar are charged from the way they got made, and from being in many higher spaces already.

The CQR Quantum Healing Angel is charged from how and where it is  made. Being in the healing spaces, it will continue to charge and eventually become highly psychometric artifact.

Quantum Healing Angels can become very special altar objects. You can do this with any of your chosen altar objects. You can read up on the function of altars here.

I hope this explains my choices for the CQR Quantum Healing Angel.

PS – the colors shown on the web are not exactly how the colors look in “real” life. It depends on your screen as well as the lighting during time of photography.



Distance Energy Healing

Distance Energy Healing – Fridays – on gorebaggtv on lifestream
Announcement May 31, 2017

Please note that almost  all of blog posts for Distance Energy Healing (DEH) with Dok have been moved to this website:

Distance Energy Healing with Dok

If you have followed E.J. Gold on his morning show or the ICWs, you will know that a lot has been said recently about healing and alternative healing centers.  Healing – or, as it were – becoming whole – appears to be much needed on this earth these days.

However, even though trained in energy healing, it was not until this past Sunday, 3 days ago, May 28, 2017, that  I – or something in me –  got (or heard) the call. It happened in the kitchen during the preparation of lunch.

It was all laid out in front of my mind’s eyes. When something like that comes through, there is not much of a choice for me but to act on it, take appropriate steps and then see if it is supported, wanted and possible. (If not, I’m off the kook, so to speak 🙂

As it is,  a live event has been added to gorebaggtv on lifestream:

Healer Woman – Soapstone Carving

Distance Energy Healing – online via gorebaggtv
on this page – https://livestream.com/gorebaggtv
Distance Energy Work and Healing Space with Dok and Higher Vibrational Energy Beings.  Attendance constitutes agreement to energy work and is considered asking for help.

This event is online/distance only – not onsite or hands-on

Date: Fridays – starting with orientation on June 2, 2017.

Time: 10:30 am – 11:30 am Pacific

What you can do to prepare for the times/space includes:

  • create a space where you can be either lying down or sitting comfortably
  • maybe have a mat or blanket to lie down on, pillows for knees etc., a cover  or throw in case you get cool.
  • if you have a Super Beacon,  sit with it for a few minutes beforehand
  • have any meaningful images or altar  objects set up in the space if you wish. (this could be angelic, Mother Mary, gods and goddesses, spirit guides, teacher-images, gemstones, photos, amulets etc)
  • smudge the room if you can and appropriate where you live.
  • invoke or call on your higher self or higher vibrational  beings to aid or work on you.
  • cultivate an attitude or willingness for change and towards wholeness, a willingness to let go of old patterns
  • if possible, turn your phone on vibrate and leave it elsewhere

The above mentioned measures are recommended but not mandatory or necessary. You may add your own.  However, it is important that you will be physically as comfortable as possible.
Also here is an important point to consider: this is a shared space. Whatever care you bring to your personal space, will influence the entire field. So when setting up your space, it contributes to everyone’s space…we are all in the same healing space. There may be times when you don’t have any extra energy to set up anything, and that is ok too, so no worries, it is good to know however that you are not only doing it for yourself when you bring care and attention to your own space. We are in this together.

Also, if you missed the introduction, it is available at the archives of the gorebaggtv event.

How the sessions go:

The first few minutes of the hour will be used to settle in, check mic volume (hoping for feedback from the online folks) and do some relaxation exercises.

Then the camera will be turned to an image or object or the fish tank in the space where I will be working.

Art by Josephine Winsor

and the music will start – and play for about 35 minutes –  the energy work happens during that time.

The entire session will be higher energy and higher being guided.
If you were to watch me, you could see mostly hand and arm movements. I will be moving, and removing energy blockages, balancing energy fields via energy streaming through the body and hands. Energy movements can also happen through  invoked higher vibrational entities and angelic presences.

Your attendance constitutes an agreement to receive energy work through higher energies and entities.

IF you do not wish any change or effect, please do not remain in the space!

There is no charge for the energy work. There is also no guarantee you will be “chosen” –  maybe simply being in the healing field is what is called for that day.

The energy work can address all levels of the energy field.

As the higher vibrational levels get cleared, physical healing can follow. You might have heard that spirit is senior to matter…if only we truly believed that.

Attending the Distance Energy Healing Event constitutes asking for help.

It would be unlawful for me to “help” anyone who has not asked for it. This means, if  you are in the space, you agree and have asked to be “worked on” or helped by higher vibrational energies and entities. Sometimes you can feel those, (for example tingling, pressure, discomfort, flashes of lifetime memories, warmth in various areas of your body) sometimes you won’t. If you don’t feel anything, it does not mean there was no energy work. While my perception allows to see shapes and shade of energy and light-forms, I will deliberately not be seeing any “persons” per se.

Crystal Quantum Radio Healing Angel

Part of the energy work might in fact involve the invoking of higher entities to work.
There is 100 percent trust that no energy work will happen  the effects of which cannot be handled by the recipient.
In a way, it is similar to the healing circles already happening in the prosperity ashram, or LRS healing readings or prayers, just different.

After the music stops, especially if you were very relaxed, please be gentle with yourself. There will be some time to close. Give yourself at least a few minutes or longer, as long as you need, before getting up. After getting up, drinking a glass of water would be a good idea. Driving might not be a good idea right away.
Keeping a diary over the week noting effects can also be very helpful.
There is a prosperity path forum where you can share experiences. At this time, there is no plan to create a group, but,  depending on how things go, there might be one in the future if the need arises.
Also remember: you can help your body re-adjust towards healing/wholeness simply by not ingesting any crappy, pesticide containing fake “foods” or beverages.

What makes me think I can do this?

First off, anyone fundamentally and basically can transmit energy deliberately. It requires intention, being clear and willingness. We Westerners, or maybe people in general, are just not taught about this – but as many mothers will know, placing her hands on an “owie” of a little one can just take the pain away. Intuitively, we still know.

The main reason is: I got a mandate and accepted the obligation. (see next paragraph)

There are some influences and more traditional “credentials” however that I will list here:

20 years in the medical field working as a pediatrician and in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit).

Being a student of Tom Brown Jr.  in a number of philosophy classes back in the early 90ties and being introduced into the world of spirit, energy, non-physical beings and the method of healing that is used in the system he taught. In fact, through all other trainings, I have gotten back to what I learned there often.

Graduate of the 4 year healing school program of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (2000)

Graduate of the 2 year Hakomi training (2003)

Maintaining an Energy Healing Practice for 2 years prior to moving to California in 2003.

There were other influences of course, like Reiki,  growing up in a country where “alternative” healing methods were commonplace,  and I won’t mention other, parallel lifetimes, but ok,  I did meet one of my healer shaman selves during one of the PUP levels in Beacon Training level 1

Drawing of the world of a shaman healer, jungle like on the outside, but replete with teleport and a “hut” where healings happened. They travel in transparent gliding spheres, not shown.

Why am I offering this now: because I got the call 3 days ago, on Sunday, May 28, 2017. It is a matter of service and I would not have gotten the call if I were not able to do it. So the next day I gave the music to Oz, our sound engineer who agreed to put it together, talked to my teacher who supports it (“thought you should be doing this all along”) oh well. The world seems to need it. We’ll see what happens.

Can you tell others about this? – yes you may…as long as they understand the point mentioned above: attending – as asking for help. In fact, is there any part of the world where more wholed-healed individuals and environments would not be beneficial?

It would be good if everyone participating would read the info on this page.
You remain, at all times, responsible for yourself, and just as with the PUP inductions in the Beacon training, nothing can happen without your consent.

The distance energy work and the healing spaces in which you participate in – are to support your health and well being on the path you are on, providing a space for healing on many levels. Sometimes an energy influx is all the body needs to realign and self heal, something bodies have a natural tendency to do. Today, more than any other time in our life, we are called to go all the way in and allow transformation and healing to happen from within. Sometimes all we need is a safe space and a little energetic jump start for the ball to get rolling.

Any increase wholeness  will  reverberate to any living creatures you come in contact with. Please note that “I” am not doing any healing. I agreed to be a vessel through which energy can flow – as guided by higher self/forces. If your Self gives permission for energy to flow through blockages and stuck energy structures of the energy field, things  may start moving in ways they did not before. Hence self observation and keeping a journal are recommended.

Many blessings on your path, may you walk with ease and grace

Dokini aka Dok

For a general idea of what is meant by healing,  check out this page: What does healing mean?

Pineal Pinger – new Crystal Quantum Amulet from Brane-Power

New in April is this very interesting amulet from Brane-Power. Those of you who know anything about the third eye, pineal gland and its functions in higher perception and spiritual awakening will understand how this can work.

Here is an image of the amulet and a short excerpt from the blog on gorebagg’s world.

“By repeatedly pinging the Pineal Third Eye, you bring it slowly but surely to life, and when fully awakened, this gives you full access to the Akashic Records and opens up a voyaging channel that can help you transcend the grittier levels of organic life…” from the blog by gorebagg “In an age of crisis”

you can also check out the beaconwork blogspot blog for news and sales

Years after my first SuperBeacon experience

It has been several year since my very first Super Beacon experience, and back then I thought the 2 weeks it took to integrate that persona, blissfully peaceful after the initial encounter,  were all that was really needed. Years later it became apparent just how important that encounter was for me. I wrote about it here on this page How the SuperBeacon experience helped me in this life    on the Superbeacon page section, just adding a post about it – in hopes it might be helpful to someone passing by. If you do have a strong experience during one of the  parallel  personae (PUP) excursions of Beacon Level I, it is well worth looking at it closer … (and everyone’s experience of the PUP inductions is different, as for example, some may have no noticeable experience at the time, only to realize later some new and unexpected things in life, attitude changes and so on..)

One thing I have found is…new challenges arise as consciousness expands to include more and more of all that is, including your SELF…and one still has to accept and work with one’s current body-mind and conditioning…and what appears to be happening in our current environment.

Be kind to yourself


Many Blessings





My Super Beacon Experience

Why do I call it that – because it was THE experience with a Crystal Quantum Radio Device that …I could not deny… personally experienced.

It was at the very very beginning in the Crystal Quantum Radio development – before anything was out there in public. …..

I will write about it soon enough – without looking at my notes, just what I remember after more than 5 1/2 years. Deep breath – and yes, it is what makes me accept all those testimonials….it works.beacon-original

Crystal Quantum Radio Devices for Transformation

What is Brane-Power and what is a Crystal Quantum Radio – a CQR?

Crystal Quantum Radios devices from Brane-Power are Beacons or Amulets containing circuits that use the old crystal technology of early radios for signal reception. The target frequencies that are received seem to affect the higher levels of your energy field, which in turn causes things to happen in your usually perceived physical reality. The most noticeable effect is that of what we called” Beta-Blocker” – for shifting the predominant beta brain to a more intuitive creative state of being.

Often people want to hear the radio station sort of as a proof that it “works”, and tuning can be such that understandable sound can be heard – but really, the pudding is in the background frequencies. If you want a radio station, you might be better off with a radio. The tuning of the Crystal Quantum Radio Devices is for the in between spaces. Upon seeing such an amulet worn by his brother, it was described by a German scientist as a  Super Energetic Generator for Quantum Mechanical Auxiliary Effects.

Quest for your Life – E.J. Gold

Be here now is not the message,  ……… be everywhere – E.J. Gold

Learn how to be everywhere at once, learn how to be quantum. E.J. Gold

Where you are is where you wanna be. E.J. Gold

There are 2 things that allow me to write about Brane-Power’s Crystal Quantum Radios and their effects.

1 – testimonials

2 –  personal experience.

Testimonials and the freedom to explore

I’ll tell you a little be with my first experience of the power and importance of testimonials in 1990, long before Crystal Quantum Radios are even available. I had found a book in a Manhattan bookstore I happened to be in on while exploring “the City” visiting  from Queens, Long Island, where I was doing a Fellowship in Neonatal Perinatal Medicine at the Long Island Jewish Hospital. That book was “Nature and Survival for Children” by Tom Brown Jr. and his first wife. I loved it and there was nothing in that book that felt wrong. It had some contact information in the back – which one depended on in those  pre-computer days. I knew I HAD to go to one of his workshops and I did – Basic Survival – back then still at his then home in New Jersey, and then several more, some in the Pine Barren camps in New Jersey. Rather than going deeper into the hard core natural and survival training, the class I really wanted after an amazing experience during the basic survival class were the Philosophy classes, which was the very next one I took.

One of the things Tom told us in the beginning was this, and I paraphrase: you are here from all walks of life having lived in society all your life. Some of you some professionally trained in sciences. I can tell you, that this room is PACKED with all kinds of beings and spirits (there were 50 of us sitting in one room on benches, writing notes with pads on our knees) Most of you can’t see them. You are here for 1 week – and for that one week, just play. Set aside all you have learned or think is true and just play and explore. Give yourself that freedom.

I could accept that – and I did  – and mind as I knew it: blown. I think he hit on something that at least for me was very very important: allow yourself, give yourself permission, in this case for a week, because that sounded not so threatening, – to be free and open to actually explore, to not have to listen to your internal objections and arguments against what is happening, things that you were not usually exposed to or taught in the schools of society.

Another thing Tom said was this: there are 50 of you in this room, and we will do exercises and meditations and afterwards there will be time for sharing. That is really important, because some of you will have experiences that everyone needs to hear. And don’t worry if you are not one of those people, not everyone will have an experience the first time, or the second time or every times, but believe you me, there will be a time when it will be YOUR time to share. We are a group doing this together, and sharing will help everyone else. And sure enough, that is how it was. I will share with you one of the 2 most crucial experiences with you here. We had done a meditation in which we were to go to a certian place in the spirit world. I witness something remarkable while there, but then I was not gonna share because, well, it was just one of those dreams and things of my imagination that happened during a meditation, right? Then this guy got up, a lawyer from New York, and told about HIS experience and I was like…wait a minute – I SAW all that – I was THERE. His experience involved being confronted with a huge insect like animal as in the size of a small dinosaur and it looked for a while like it was gonna grab him, kill him and eat him …but then the guy shifted and reached out for it …..and touched it, and it disappeared.  As he told us about the encounter, he started approaching it with love. My sharing then really helped him validate the realness of that world and what happened.

I am telling you this in case your mind is not yet used to spirit worlds, alternate realities, shared dream spaces, parallel world personas, high sense perception and the like.

Back to the CQR devices, reading or listening to the testimonials about experiences with both CQR amulets and Super Beacons  – it is like sharing in a group of people during the workshop, only the workshop is in your life and home, the open mindedness a choice you have made and the group is dispersed all over the world.  To this day I am still amazed at what happens when people use these devices – some even have returned them because there were working too well. One thing E.J. Gold says is that these CQR devices cannot overpower your will, meaning unless you consent, nothing will happen.

Something in you is attracted, ready, willing to explore and intuitively knows that this is a tool, or even a path for you, or one that you want to explore.

Tom Brown, after explaing something or other – used to say: prove me right or prove me wrong. And I have hear E.J say it like this: don’t take my word for it, investigate it for yourself and tell me if i am right or wrong.

Testimonials are important, for some people more than others, but this sharing is an important part of the process, which does, after all, involve the dismantling of the limiting beliefs and internal structures we grew up with.

You probably already know that there are different types of people – and there are various systems to describe “types”, as the enneagram, “sign”, 4rth way, energetics, ayurvedic and more. So, regarding testimonials, there are some folks who actually need to hear what others have experienced to be able to decide to try out something, others simply enjoy partaking in this form of group experience.

What I CAN tell you is that the Brane-Power testimonials people send in are not made up.  People really send them in and I am still floored by what they report back after wearing the amulets or using the Beacon devices.

But think about it: QUANTUM – cannot be measured in time-space physics. In fact, if you know anything about quantum physics and the implication of what is now coming forth about the nature of matter – you would ask – why WOULDN’T this work? It also explains why there can not be a cooky-cutter, hard and fast, description of the results to be expected from using these devices. YOU ARE TOO UNIQUE with where you are at with your consciousness and the sum of all your experiences. We cannot predict what changes or effects there will be when you get plugged in, so to speak. We do know how the devices are made …but the effect is in part a result of the interaction with your consciousness,  energy field and life-path.

Personal experience, personally experienced

Now to the other part of why I can write about his: my experience with the Super-Beacon.

You simply cannot substitute personal experience personally experienced.

I had been guided to a life change and moved to California from the East Coast to work with E.J. Gold. During this particular time when the beacon experience happened,  I was working at night, mainly on making you-tube videos. The place I was working in was just adjacent to the barn, a space that E.J. Gold often passed through. One such night, around 4 am, felt very “weird”. E.J. had been working with crystal radios and been developing the CQR device in the previous weeks and now a prototype was ready. I felt something was in the air, but nor sure what. Regarding the CQRs, I wasn’t at that time either for or against it. Did I think it was likely what I heard about it? Who knows, nah …but on the other hand, could it be true, this contacting of a parallel world persona? Maybe, who knows. I was in one of those actually quite rare spaces where I was truly neither for nor against, but truly neutral. I say rare, because I usually have opinions that are pretty strong one way or another, weather I can see another or not. I just could not tell about this Crystal radio thing.

So E.J. asked me I I were willing to try out the Super Beacon, and I says yes. I was asked to sit in a chair, relax  he handed me a post-it with some letters and numbers on it, the coordinates. He said, just hold the grips and look at the numbers, and I did. and  after a few moments OMG wow, though at the time, it was just a calm, beautiful encounter getting to know a side of me that explained so much, as well as helped me accept myself as I am in this world to a much larger degree.


Healer Helper – Quantum Device from Brane-Power

A longtime ago, in a land far far away .. ….I really did have an actual 3D healing practice – combining energy healing (Barbara Brennan School of Healing/Reiki) with Hakomi (mindfulness based depth psychotherapy) – as well as music, sounds and essential oils – in support. I didn’t have ANY of the Brane-Power tools available at that time …no Beacon, CQR amulets or this Healer Helper, which would have been quite useful. So today I was reminiscing a bit and the Healer Helper came to mind.

Healer Helper (hint – don’t hesitate to call Brane-Power to negotiate a discount – especially if you see a lot of clients on a sliding scale)

Here are some reasons I would have liked to have this available to me

  • There is always a subset of clients who are – let’s say, not all that comfortable with anything hands on or lying down, however, contact and trust are very important in the healing relationship. This is 1 way the healer-helper can really facilitate the relaxation with no hands on while actually having a powerful physical connection.
  • The healer-helper is VERY transportable – and can be used where actual hands on is not possible.
  • The energy not only goes through the palms directly, but, with the healer as the antenna it goes straight through the device to the client – potentiating the healing energy.
  • It can be set up so that when the energy/stuff that comes up – feels like it is too much, the client can loosen the grip or let go of the grippers altogether – this is quite empowering to stay in charge in that way as well as fosters mindfulness.

Anyway – it is quite a versatile tool to help in a healer’s practice.

Things to consider:

  • clean the grippers between clients
  • you can use extension clamps to have longer cables if needed.
  • in a shared practice, each healer might want to get their own rings, even though the size is adjustable

Brane-Power contact form

or call: 530-271-2239 – leaving a message and including your phone number is totally ok, someone will call you back.

Yoyodyne contact form

Sorry – I am not set up to sell from this website. If you tell them you are coming from BeaconWork though – you’ll get the discount of the day.

CQR – Blessings Amulet from Brane-Power Introductory Sale

In the back of your mind there may be this lingering question and doubt: What does Blessing mean and can I bless someone? – Yes, you may bless someone or something – and yes, you deserve to be blessed!

Blessings Amulet
Blessings Amulet

To bless, or to bestow blessings is to call upon someone  divine grace, bestow a measure of sacredness, joy, happiness, good fortune and well-being.  The Blessings amulet carries with it Blessings for everyone in its sphere of influence. The Blessings amulet greatly facilitates the qualities  of kind-heartedness, sincerity, selflessness, love, divine service,  humility, a calm inner sanctum, clarity, presence and peace.  The act of blessing is each and everyone’s birthright and blessing is something you do for another or others.  This amulet helps you to be in the space where genuine blessing baraka  can emanate from you and be bestowed.  For anyone who would like to do the service of Blessing, this is a wonderful and very powerful tool. You don’t have to be ordained or ask permission to bless someone, something or a situation, you can be a benefactor to others, a benevolent force in the world and the repeated acts of blessing will help you develop your soul. A very special Quantum amulet indeed.

Many Blessings to you, your family and all the Beings in the Quantum Universe.

You may also find a number of Prosperity Path Orbs very helpful in that regard, especially the Blessings Orb, which by its nature will help you to actually bestow Blessings to someone in need.

Go check out Brane-Power or call 530-271-2239.

Do the Quantum Amulet Attribute Numbers matter?

Crystal Quantum Amulet
Image by James Rodney Creative

There is a good beacon-work blog on the choosing of a Crystal Quantum Radio amulet and the importance, or rather, relative non- importance of the  amulet attribute numbers. Very useful for those who work with others and Crystal Quantum Radio devices and might have to deal with questions like: how do the amulets work?  Should I get a big powerful one with lots of attributes? Which amulet is best for me?

Remember, E.J. Gold’s recommended method in choosing an amulet is to let one’s intuition be the guide, whether for one’s self or as a gift for another.

His recommendations in general have been for: Classic, Prosperity, Black Diode and the especially the Quantum Witch. The Quantum Witch in particular is not a beginner’s amulet but especially meant for those who do energy work, use their intuition or work with psychic energy.

One thing though: it is kind of fun to play around with the amulet selector 🙂

But in the end: get the amulet you feel drawn to, regardless of numbers.

French drop magic amulet – wow Testimonial –

This lady come to us via the Prosperity Path. She totally went by feel, what she was drawn to – in choosing her amulet, her first and only. Here is her amazing report

To Mr. Gold, and Yanesh, and the Prosperity Path Team:

While others seem invigorated by group interaction, it has always terrified and exhausted me.  But when an event I had been dreading for weeks arrived, I found myself – under the effects of my new amulet – easily able to navigate the whirling vortices of strangers and small-talk without feeling depleted at all, fully present and with energy to spare.
I would have gladly undergone brain surgery to alter this life-long handicap, if I had been able to find someone with the know-how.
My husband keeps remarking on the spike in my productivity, so I don’t think I’ll be able to keep the amulet a secret much longer, but for me the very best part is this:  I feel exactly like a girl who has just fallen in love.

From my deepest heart, thank you for giving me this new life.



Beaconwork is about the Crystal Quantum Radio Devices from Brane-Power to help with transformation of life, self, accessing alternate realities and parallel selves – for the benefit of all