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Pineal Pinger – new Crystal Quantum Amulet from Brane-Power

New in April is this very interesting amulet from Brane-Power. Those of you who know anything about the third eye, pineal gland and its functions in higher perception and spiritual awakening will understand how this can work.

Here is an image of the amulet and a short excerpt from the blog on gorebagg’s world.

“By repeatedly pinging the Pineal Third Eye, you bring it slowly but surely to life, and when fully awakened, this gives you full access to the Akashic Records and opens up a voyaging channel that can help you transcend the grittier levels of organic life…” from the blog by gorebagg “In an age of crisis”

you can also check out the beaconwork blogspot blog for news and sales

CQR – Blessings Amulet from Brane-Power Introductory Sale

In the back of your mind there may be this lingering question and doubt: What does Blessing mean and can I bless someone? – Yes, you may bless someone or something – and yes, you deserve to be blessed!

Blessings Amulet
Blessings Amulet

To bless, or to bestow blessings is to call upon someone  divine grace, bestow a measure of sacredness, joy, happiness, good fortune and well-being.  The Blessings amulet carries with it Blessings for everyone in its sphere of influence. The Blessings amulet greatly facilitates the qualities  of kind-heartedness, sincerity, selflessness, love, divine service,  humility, a calm inner sanctum, clarity, presence and peace.  The act of blessing is each and everyone’s birthright and blessing is something you do for another or others.  This amulet helps you to be in the space where genuine blessing baraka  can emanate from you and be bestowed.  For anyone who would like to do the service of Blessing, this is a wonderful and very powerful tool. You don’t have to be ordained or ask permission to bless someone, something or a situation, you can be a benefactor to others, a benevolent force in the world and the repeated acts of blessing will help you develop your soul. A very special Quantum amulet indeed.

Many Blessings to you, your family and all the Beings in the Quantum Universe.

You may also find a number of Prosperity Path Orbs very helpful in that regard, especially the Blessings Orb, which by its nature will help you to actually bestow Blessings to someone in need.

Go check out Brane-Power or call 530-271-2239.

Do the Quantum Amulet Attribute Numbers matter?

Crystal Quantum Amulet
Image by James Rodney Creative

There is a good beacon-work blog on the choosing of a Crystal Quantum Radio amulet and the importance, or rather, relative non- importance of the  amulet attribute numbers. Very useful for those who work with others and Crystal Quantum Radio devices and might have to deal with questions like: how do the amulets work?  Should I get a big powerful one with lots of attributes? Which amulet is best for me?

Remember, E.J. Gold’s recommended method in choosing an amulet is to let one’s intuition be the guide, whether for one’s self or as a gift for another.

His recommendations in general have been for: Classic, Prosperity, Black Diode and the especially the Quantum Witch. The Quantum Witch in particular is not a beginner’s amulet but especially meant for those who do energy work, use their intuition or work with psychic energy.

One thing though: it is kind of fun to play around with the amulet selector 🙂

But in the end: get the amulet you feel drawn to, regardless of numbers.

Dimensional Shifter – new Brane-Power amulet 2012

Sneak preview, March 2012 – A new Brane-Power Amulet

Dimensional Shifter

The Dimensional Shifter – works on very subtle levels to facilitate shifting dimensions and morphologies. It is beyond slipping into the parallel world life-stream with the best possible outcome for you or making astral travel easier. This amulet’s quantum tuning effect helps gain access to entirely different dimensions, not all of which will use organic physical bodies & you very well might find yourself in other than human “bodies”, physical or auric. Very helpful to gain access to inter-dimensional voyaging fluidity.  Transparency, clarity, a call to higher service, auspicious rebirth, telepathy, openness, falling away of human-egoic habits are only some of the effects you might experience when working with this amulet. Any practical knowledge or skills gained through this process is employed for the highest good of all. Despite what might be unusual “otherworldly” experiences which can occur when working with this amulet – it nonetheless has very smooth transitions.

The use of the coil with the electrolytic capacitor necessitates the high dome acrylic crystals for this. The raided sterling silver rope directs the energy flow in a particular way and functions as an induction ring. The positioning of diode and capacitor will have its effect on the inter-dimensional shifting.

That was the report for this new “Dimensional Shifter” amulet.

Good voyaging

You can get the Dimensional Shifter Amulet from brane-power or yoyodyneindustries by using the contact form or calling 530-271-2239 (leave message with clear phone-number if folks are not at the phone, they’ll call back). Please note that the final version may vary slightly and look for it on or

Brane-Power 2011 – New amulets, Generators and THE MATRICES

Because of this beautiful being, Skye,  who I had the privilege to care for until Mai and the subsequent readjustment to life without her and the development in Helping K9s, I admit not having spent as much much time and attention on “what’s new” with Brane-Power and CQRs as I might have otherwise. However, here, finally,  is a brief summary:

The Brane-Power website got a totally new look. Please check it out. A lot of the history is available there and easy to see all amulet pages.

We saw the birth of several the generators. It started off in January with the Prosperity Generator, containing tiny gems and other items in a special assembly and a Crystal Quantum Radio.  You can read more about them on Continue reading Brane-Power 2011 – New amulets, Generators and THE MATRICES

HBM Amulet – Crystal Quantum Harmony, Balance, Meridian

The HBM Amulet - Crystal Quantum Harmony, Balance, Meridian
The HBM Amulet - Crystal Quantum Harmony, Balance, Meridian

This is the beautiful, custom HBM Amulet, so named by E.J. Gold, for balancing and harmonizing the human energy field and meridians, especially right/left imbalances and receptive and active energy functions.

If you notice you are “off”, out of balance, can’t make good decisions, things are not working out, feeling unwell and off-center, constantly thinking, wasting energy and being unfocussed or not being able to make decisions, having a hard time just enjoying the beauty of the present moment – this amulet is designed to bring you back to a  state of equilibrium and harmony from which you can move through life, be in the flow and manifest your higher self and life’s purpose.  Continue reading HBM Amulet – Crystal Quantum Harmony, Balance, Meridian

Aura photography change with Crystal Quantum Radio Amulets

Today someone sent in a very interesting testimonial. If you look  at the images, you can see a definite difference in size and color. This was nice to see.

photo-quantum-amulets-human-aura-change“A lady in our town, who runs a small café, has a camera with which she takes “aura photos”.
I had mine taken first without, and then wearing, amulets.
She was surprised to see that it made a difference. She is now
interested in …

Regarding the photos:
I tried to scan the photos to send as attachments, but the change in color isn´t visible in the scanned versions; there´s a subtle gold
color that disappears with the amulets, leaving just white and
She interpreted this as an increase in activity of the higher
chakras vs. the lower ones.

Regarding the camera:
Since there are different ways that auras are photographed (some of which involve computer generated colors), I should probably describe the camera.
The main camera looks like a box with a glass plate facing the
subject; if there are focusing lenses, they´re hidden from view. The camera has an attachment plugged into it via a cable. This is a box about one inch thick and maybe 4 x 6 inches across. On top of that is a plate large enough for a hand to fit on, with metal sensors all over it. The subject places his left hand on this plate as the picture is taken. After exposure, actual film is pulled out of the camera, just like an old Polaroid. It sits and develops for a few minutes before a protective layer is peeled off and the picture can be seen. (In other words, there is no “computer enhancement” or manipulation of the colors by the operator.)

As I understand it, the process is similar to Kirlian photography,
hence the need for contact with the plate.”

D.R., Eureka Springs, AR, USA

Taoist Yin-Yang Crystal Quantum Amulets

As a special invocation combining Crystal Quantum Amulets with the Taijitu, the Taoist symbol for Yin-Yang, we are introducing these special “Tao” amulets. Most amulet circuits can be made with this symbol. They will all be in a dollar size bezels.

The amulets seen here are the “Tao of Love-Power” and “Tao of Prosperity”. These custom amulets are available through special order from or write us.

LRS-Labyrinth Readers Amulet – a wearable altar

This amulet is created and designed for assisting Labyrinth Readers in their guiding work, focus and voyager contact. Place it on your reading altar during readings or wear it on a chain. It can be charged up and energized by leaving it on any stationary appropriate altar. The amulet will connect you with the reading circle and the highest reading vibrations during your work – ideal to wear if you do readings in hospice, hospitals or other places where you might not be able to set up a reading altar for assisting to align with the vibrational energy for doing readings.

Labyrinth Readers CQR Amulet

with a FREE copy of The American Book of the Dead and FREE shipping

Introductory Sale Price: $250
Sale effective through Easter 2011
Regular price : $375

You Save $125

This amulet is used in conjunction with the American Book of the Dead and the practice of doing readings for voyagers or for healing purposes. Please check out The Clear Light dot com website for more information on how to become a reader.

As you can see, the subject matter deals with death, dying and the transitions in afterlife according to Tibetan Buddhism.
Readings can be a daily practice – and are especially useful for anyone facing and working with death and the dying and the impermanence and transitory quality of this life. The American Book of the Dead is a contemporary rendering of the Tibetan Book of the Dead. The stages and transitions are the same.

Readers read for those in transit states – guiding through the labyrinth in the between live states and other transitions. To help access certain states  and spaces, readers often use candles, incense and bells on their reading altar. At times using those aids is impractical or not possible. You can always wear an amulet of carry one in your pocket.
The Reader’s amulet could be looked at as a wearable altar, creating a reading space as you wear it.

The Quantum Crystal Radio Amulets assist in accessing deep meditative spaces. For the Reader this includes helping to connect with and read for the Being. For more an Crystal Radio Amulets, please check out the amulet page and