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Antennas off – for easy travel with Super Beacon

How to put the Super Beacon tourmaline antennas back on the Super Beacon.

A while back we found out that someone, who preferred the Super Beacon to the Portable Super Beacon but nonetheless wanted to take it with him on travel to continue with the meditation program and show others, discovered that his Super Beacon didn’t fit into his suitcase. So he took off the tourmaline antennas so it would all fit, and just put them back on once he was at the destination. Good for him.

Also, when shipping to European countries, the Super Beacon antennas get sometimes taken off in customs inspections (don’t ask us why).

While it is probably better to get a Portable Super Beacon in case of frequent travel, still no worries if you happen to have to take the antennas off, they are easily put back on. We took an opportunity with a recent Super Beacon to demonstrate in pictures how it works – you will need a flat screw driver, not a phillips. You can see all the pictures on how to put tourmaline antenna’s back on your Super Beacon here on Yoyodyne Industries. Trouble finding the page – just use the yoyodyne contact form and ask for the link.

In very short: Here are the “ready for the antenna” image and the “final – firmly screwed in antenna” image.

this is the start:

Holder ready for the antenna

Get your screwdriver and the tourmaline antenna

Firm tourmaline antenna – final









Happy Travels.

Trainer Matrix for use with Super Beacon

The Prosperity Path orbs are coming out fast and if you have not had a chance to experience it, please do. They work on principles of the law of contagion and law of similarity – in the quantum universe.  My favorite so far is the “49 days” orb. When you get to the special area – I had tears in my eyes because. (as you can tell, I do not want to give it away 🙂 ). But that is really not what this post is about.

If you have followed The ICW’s on IDHHBtv, then you probably know that you can augment and complement your work with the Super Beacon by using it in conjunction with The Trainer Matrix and your Amulet. Don’t worry, they will all work just by themselves, but you can POWER UP, have them  working together, much like when you use a CQR (Crystal Quantum Radio) amulet array. Especially in running the Prosperity Path orbs, which are essentially a FREE online life changing work tool, you can light up first by holding the grippers of the Super Beacon for 3 minutes prior to the orb run, and have your matrix nearby – much like you see on the image of a Prosperity Path – Super Beacon -Matrix set-up, only it would be in your own home or altar space. Did you know that the prosperity path orbs run on something as simple and small as an acer? This means it can be entirely in even a small altar/meditation space – or, you can have the set up where you might see your clients, so in an energy healing or coaching practice.

Trainer Matrix – Quantum Crystal Radio device

THIS is the ultimate TRAINER MATRIX. (more info on on the use of askmatrix)

It is plexi framed and ready for your Altar and/or set up with your Super Beacon Prosperity Path run set up.
CQR (Crysal Quantum Radio) Core. No batteries, no charger. Totally self-powered by radio waves.

How it works is simple: you log onto and use the interface that matches YOUR personal Trainer Matrix on your Altar.
The interface has a built-in teaching mechanism that prompts you and teaches you how to use the Matrix Interface!

Some testimonials:
“The package arrived yesterday. Thanks so much! I can’t believe it! The 3×3 matrix array is stunning. It has a scalar primordial resonance that goes deeper than the cellular level, down through the atomic, quantum, and beyond!”
As Nikola Tesla said, “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, you would have a key to the universe.”–R.C. Sooke, B.C
“Received the Matrix CQR yesterday. I will not waste time commenting on how well-designed and attractive this piece of functional art is or to what extent it is an instructional electronic life form. All of the five amulets I wear; except in the shower, immediately provide an elevated quality of discernment and content of the dream state. Colors are more apparent, acuteness of discernment is notably improved and most importantly, the content is more interesting from a work-on-self perspective.
The subjective night fears, sexual hungers, yearnings for past experiences of comfort and elation over desired imaginary events are banished in the descending light of the vision and focus of the essential self. A familiar objective sense of humor and distance concerning your hopes and dreams gives way to a form of study. Puzzles, sequences of events, meaning and subtleties of observation seem like the parallel bars to an acrobat in training. I dreamed that I was in a huge room and that I was in a very small body, perhaps one year old in development. Someone very large was trying to put what looked like shining gem stones in my hands, but I could not hold onto them. I was fascinated with them as they fell out of my hand and rolled onto the floor.
I could not take my eyes off of them, they seemed alive. They were wonderfully beautiful. After a while I realized that someone was speaking to me like one would address a baby by soothing repetition. After a time I realized what this enormous being was saying! These were the moments of freedom, the times in my life that my work efforts to bring my machine to the waking state locked in. I felt sad because there were so few and I had wasted so much time on nothing at all.
The Matrix is a tool of a very different order. After one night of sleep beside it, for lack of a better word, I immediately knew in my being the difference even before waking up. This was not an adventure, it was a study, a discipline, a practical work on understanding the machine and how to fix it or reprogram it.
The difference between the sleeping state and the ordinary waking state of the machine was becoming less and less, at the same time the two were merging. Instead of the machine replaying the mechanical fears and desires of the day during the nightly dreaming state of the machine, the dreaming state was becoming more voluntary with conscious work intent that easily continued over into the ordinary waking state, Problems were being identified, understood and action plans formulated to correct this problem, then the next and always slowly, gently, by repetition and patience . . .
One wakes up refreshed, full of energy and clarity in a state of what one Zen teacher wonderfully called “Zen Mind, Beginner`s Mind“. If I purchase another Matrix for my other night table, can I expect an additional intensity of study and productivity?
If you purchase and work with the parallel universe hardware, you will actually begin to hear voices REALLY! It`s all good because they are all your higher P.U.P.S. They or, more correctly, YOU are trying to help you work on yourself. They or you have some excellent ideas on how you can accomplish this for yourself.
This begins to replace the dismal, nattering sea of glassy-eyed, repetitious, self-serving, muttering that we identify as our most precious self.
Thor`s — lab work notes — hopefully, of use to my fellow students, my only friends, and try to fulfill my obligation to at least honestly try to be of service. Remember, if you take a wrong turn in the Labyrinth as I have many, many times . . . “we are immortal in the worst sense of the word.” — E.J.Gold.”
–Mark McGibbon a.k.a. Thor



For more and daily updated information on the Prosperity Path, you might want to check out the Prosperity Path page on facebook. – Other Quantum Crystal Radio news and special offer alerts you will see on brane-power.

Which Super Beacon is best?

In deciding which Super Beacon is “better”,  it really is more of  a question of which Super Beacon fits better with your needs and preferences.

Super Beacon

Currently, Brane-Power offers 2 versions of the Super Beacon: The full size table top Super Beacon and the “portable” Super Beacon. They are both equally functional for the full Beacon Training and both come with built-in Black Tourmaline Protectors.

The Tourmalines are not visible in the Portable Super Beacon as they are part of the circuit and are contained within the black casing.

If you do energy work or have a healing practice with a healing room, or are planning to use the Super Beacon in a public place, a full size table top version is what I would recommend. That is what I would have chosen when I still had my healing practice. The Super Beacon just looks great and you can also demonstrate and have the client experience the hand cleansing and charging, which is nifty.  Check out the video on how that works.

Portable Super Beacon

However, if you do travel a lot and want to take the Super Beacon with you – then the Portable Super Beacon might be the way to go. It literally can fit into a pocket of a coat or jacket. You may want to consider if you visit clients in their homes, or go to fairs a lot, events such as burning man, visit yoga studios and so on. Or, maybe you really really don’t have the space to accommodate the full size Super Beacon in your home, in which case you’d get the portable. If you love your parallel world excursions or your daily beacon practice and travel a lot,  this portable meditation device is well worth it.

If you want to get both at the same time, there may be a a special offer or discount you can negotiate with brane-power.

In this video I tried to give you a visual impression of the size and spacial impact of the Portable Super Beacon and the Super Beacon as well as a quick demo of the cleanser/charger function.