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CQR – Blessings Amulet from Brane-Power Introductory Sale

In the back of your mind there may be this lingering question and doubt: What does Blessing mean and can I bless someone? – Yes, you may bless someone or something – and yes, you deserve to be blessed!

Blessings Amulet
Blessings Amulet

To bless, or to bestow blessings is to call upon someone  divine grace, bestow a measure of sacredness, joy, happiness, good fortune and well-being.  The Blessings amulet carries with it Blessings for everyone in its sphere of influence. The Blessings amulet greatly facilitates the qualities  of kind-heartedness, sincerity, selflessness, love, divine service,  humility, a calm inner sanctum, clarity, presence and peace.  The act of blessing is each and everyone’s birthright and blessing is something you do for another or others.  This amulet helps you to be in the space where genuine blessing baraka  can emanate from you and be bestowed.  For anyone who would like to do the service of Blessing, this is a wonderful and very powerful tool. You don’t have to be ordained or ask permission to bless someone, something or a situation, you can be a benefactor to others, a benevolent force in the world and the repeated acts of blessing will help you develop your soul. A very special Quantum amulet indeed.

Many Blessings to you, your family and all the Beings in the Quantum Universe.

You may also find a number of Prosperity Path Orbs very helpful in that regard, especially the Blessings Orb, which by its nature will help you to actually bestow Blessings to someone in need.

Go check out Brane-Power or call 530-271-2239.

Crystal Quantum Radio SALE NOW – Amulets and SuperBeacons

NEW SALE for Crystal Quantum Radio meditation and transformation amulets and SuperBeacons is GOING ON NOW – February 2013.

Click on the images to find out more about the amulets and to buy – if the website has not caught up yet …give them a call – the sale is for real – 530-271-2239 – or use the Brane-Power contact page.

Before letting you in on the “which ones”, I want to share a couple of recent testimonials:

“I heard about your amulets through a friend on Facebook…one of the thing he said was..”I already have many stories to tell regarding this amulet and they are truly far out.
~”KF” N.R.

“In all the years that we have been playing in the fields of evolution, we have never seen devices like these. Absolutely everyone who puts one on feels it and wants one. Pretty awesome.”
~ Jan H., Santa Clara, CA

Since wearing my betablocker, I am happier, more alert, I think and feel more positive. I have even experienced glimpses of parallel worlds. No migraines!
~ S.M., Long Beach, CA

cqr-ammy-doubleblackdiode_bDouble Black Diode $500.00 now $425.00

“I have noticed that after I received the Black Diode Ammy, that I have been able to smile and be happy even in the midst of conflict and turmoil. I smile a lot more than I used to, almost all the time :-) And I have also noticed that conflicting situations usually resolve almost automatically by themselves, without me having to do anything. This has never happened before, but now it happens all the time, which is absolutely great!” — B.N., Therapist, Norway
“My girlfriend has been noticing how calming the Double Black is. She had to do a lot of running around today and said it really helped her stay calm, slowed her mind down and not feel stressed.”
~ Se D., Vancouver, BC

cqr-ammy-quantumwitch_b  Quantum Witch $375 now $325.

“I really like the colors of the components and my friend has the Quantum Witch ( which is what got me to buy one ) so although I love the Double Black Diode i think trying something different might be good!”

cqr-ammy-quantumwizard_bQuantum Wizard $375 now $325.
After wearing my beta blocker for a while I noticed that I was feeling like my old self, and to me that meant I was beginning to feel like when I was thirty, which was a fairly long time ago. I lost a lot of the stuff that was weighing me down in recent years. I have given beta blockers to all of my children and all of my close friends. They are a real gift in this time of such great need.
~ J.D. Sooke, BC
“Everything is going great at the moment, have had a lot of fun with the other Happy camper wearing CQR – Crystal Quantum Radio Amulet :) I bought from you, really looking forward to receive the Love Amulet as well :-)” — Marissa K., Omaha, NE

cqr-ammy-prosperity_bProsperity Amulet $125. now $99.00

My prosperity amulet arrived this afternoon. I put it on and was writing a little thank you email to you guys when I got a call telling me that my father’s estate has a check for me in the amount of $150,000!
I had been wearing the amulet for maybe eight minutes!!! We, like so many people these days, have been really struggling to make ends meet. We were even wondering if we would have to sell our home.
~ M.L., Orange County, CA

“Please send the Prosperity amulet along with the Quantum Witch amulet.  This amulet was calling to me I wanted to wait to test the witch amulet…I just had to get it.”
~ Beverly

cqr-ammy-classic_bAnd of course our – Classic Amulet $125.00 is $65.00

check out  the extra discount when you get 5 of those!!!!
I had given my brother the Classic Amulet to try and he said that from the moment he put it on everything changed: clarity, deeper meditation, better business — I noticed a difference in his energy as soon as I saw him.
~ Lorraine K., Vancouver

“Just got my Classic. I already feel calmer and more peaceful”.
~ Michelle

“Received my package today. Put the classic amulet on, started to read and within two minutes i was in a very deep sleep, i woke just 20 minutes later feeling great and energized.”

superbeacon02SuperBeacon $2250. now $1890.

~ S.B., Patterson, NJ
These beta-blockers and Beacon are great devices in bringing one right into the psychic /intuitive frequency.
I am most grateful to  Brane-, for making available what I’ve been tracking down my whole life. Thanks a Million !

“The Beacon rocks!”
~ “Steady Eddie”, Dublin
A heightened state of awareness in just minutes. Totally relaxed, more than when I lie down to go to sleep. Deep, deep relaxation and then when it was over I was full of energy and imagination. I am an artist and I also write, so relaxation and imagination are really important to me. I found the SuperBeacon™ to have an amazing effect on me, better than anything else I have tried.
~ Susan E., Aspen, CO

After the SuperBeacon™ I felt euphoric. It is fantastic and I am getting one for me and my family!
~ Jane P., Portland, OR

Thank you again for the most amazing products out there from someone who has tried everything on the market.
~ Dennis B., New Jersey

The Addiction Amulet and The Blessings Amulet are on special
special introductory offer


Trainer Matrix for use with Super Beacon

The Prosperity Path orbs are coming out fast and if you have not had a chance to experience it, please do. They work on principles of the law of contagion and law of similarity – in the quantum universe.  My favorite so far is the “49 days” orb. When you get to the special area – I had tears in my eyes because. (as you can tell, I do not want to give it away :) ). But that is really not what this post is about.

If you have followed The ICW’s on IDHHBtv, then you probably know that you can augment and complement your work with the Super Beacon by using it in conjunction with The Trainer Matrix and your Amulet. Don’t worry, they will all work just by themselves, but you can POWER UP, have them  working together, much like when you use a CQR (Crystal Quantum Radio) amulet array. Especially in running the Prosperity Path orbs, which are essentially a FREE online life changing work tool, you can light up first by holding the grippers of the Super Beacon for 3 minutes prior to the orb run, and have your matrix nearby – much like you see on the image of a Prosperity Path – Super Beacon -Matrix set-up, only it would be in your own home or altar space. Did you know that the prosperity path orbs run on something as simple and small as an acer? This means it can be entirely in even a small altar/meditation space – or, you can have the set up where you might see your clients, so in an energy healing or coaching practice.

Trainer Matrix – Quantum Crystal Radio device

THIS is the ultimate TRAINER MATRIX. (more info on on the use of askmatrix)

It is plexi framed and ready for your Altar and/or set up with your Super Beacon Prosperity Path run set up.
CQR (Crysal Quantum Radio) Core. No batteries, no charger. Totally self-powered by radio waves.

How it works is simple: you log onto and use the interface that matches YOUR personal Trainer Matrix on your Altar.
The interface has a built-in teaching mechanism that prompts you and teaches you how to use the Matrix Interface!

Some testimonials:
“The package arrived yesterday. Thanks so much! I can’t believe it! The 3×3 matrix array is stunning. It has a scalar primordial resonance that goes deeper than the cellular level, down through the atomic, quantum, and beyond!”
As Nikola Tesla said, “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, you would have a key to the universe.”–R.C. Sooke, B.C
“Received the Matrix CQR yesterday. I will not waste time commenting on how well-designed and attractive this piece of functional art is or to what extent it is an instructional electronic life form. All of the five amulets I wear; except in the shower, immediately provide an elevated quality of discernment and content of the dream state. Colors are more apparent, acuteness of discernment is notably improved and most importantly, the content is more interesting from a work-on-self perspective.
The subjective night fears, sexual hungers, yearnings for past experiences of comfort and elation over desired imaginary events are banished in the descending light of the vision and focus of the essential self. A familiar objective sense of humor and distance concerning your hopes and dreams gives way to a form of study. Puzzles, sequences of events, meaning and subtleties of observation seem like the parallel bars to an acrobat in training. I dreamed that I was in a huge room and that I was in a very small body, perhaps one year old in development. Someone very large was trying to put what looked like shining gem stones in my hands, but I could not hold onto them. I was fascinated with them as they fell out of my hand and rolled onto the floor.
I could not take my eyes off of them, they seemed alive. They were wonderfully beautiful. After a while I realized that someone was speaking to me like one would address a baby by soothing repetition. After a time I realized what this enormous being was saying! These were the moments of freedom, the times in my life that my work efforts to bring my machine to the waking state locked in. I felt sad because there were so few and I had wasted so much time on nothing at all.
The Matrix is a tool of a very different order. After one night of sleep beside it, for lack of a better word, I immediately knew in my being the difference even before waking up. This was not an adventure, it was a study, a discipline, a practical work on understanding the machine and how to fix it or reprogram it.
The difference between the sleeping state and the ordinary waking state of the machine was becoming less and less, at the same time the two were merging. Instead of the machine replaying the mechanical fears and desires of the day during the nightly dreaming state of the machine, the dreaming state was becoming more voluntary with conscious work intent that easily continued over into the ordinary waking state, Problems were being identified, understood and action plans formulated to correct this problem, then the next and always slowly, gently, by repetition and patience . . .
One wakes up refreshed, full of energy and clarity in a state of what one Zen teacher wonderfully called “Zen Mind, Beginner`s Mind“. If I purchase another Matrix for my other night table, can I expect an additional intensity of study and productivity?
If you purchase and work with the parallel universe hardware, you will actually begin to hear voices REALLY! It`s all good because they are all your higher P.U.P.S. They or, more correctly, YOU are trying to help you work on yourself. They or you have some excellent ideas on how you can accomplish this for yourself.
This begins to replace the dismal, nattering sea of glassy-eyed, repetitious, self-serving, muttering that we identify as our most precious self.
Thor`s — lab work notes — hopefully, of use to my fellow students, my only friends, and try to fulfill my obligation to at least honestly try to be of service. Remember, if you take a wrong turn in the Labyrinth as I have many, many times . . . “we are immortal in the worst sense of the word.” — E.J.Gold.”
–Mark McGibbon a.k.a. Thor



For more and daily updated information on the Prosperity Path, you might want to check out the Prosperity Path page on facebook. – Other Quantum Crystal Radio news and special offer alerts you will see on brane-power.

Christmas Sale Specials 2010 – check it out

Shipping takes time  – especially to all of you overseas to have your gifts ready and under the tree in time for Christmas. It gets very busy so don’t wait. Order now to have these special gifts ready for you, your family and friends in time for this special Christmas gift.

Advance Notice Brane-Powers Christmas Sale specials – Sales ends December 31, 2010 at midnight

(..but don’t hesitate to ask for special deals and offers anytime. You can use this form)

  • Love Amulet and Loving essential oil $99.97, save $41, regular price $160. Buy now

Price: $99.97

Love for those you love every day – this is a great gift. The Love Power Crystal Quantum Radio amulet which can be worn anytime and the divinely transportative scent of “Loving” oil, an exquisite blend that incorporates the calming influence of patchouli and sandalwood with the classic heart opening effect of roses.

  • Protector Amulet and Psychic Defense essential oil $99.97, save $41, regular price $160. Buy now

Sale Price: $99.97

High attributes of Protection and psychic self defense, this Protector Crystal Quantum Radio amulet and protection oil blend is especially for those who constantly deal with energetic influences and entities in their work or just generally would like to effect some psychic protection.

  • SuperBeacon $1850reg price $2.250, save $400 and get FREE Shipping.

Super Beacon CQR – Crystal Quantum Radio™

Sale Price: $1,850

Includes the entire set of 30 Level 1 Beacon Induction CDs as well as the 2 Daily Practice meditation CDs. Call 530-271-2239 for any questions regarding the purchase or function of the Super Beacon.

  • Double Black Diode Amulet – $375, reg. $500 save $125 and get FREE Shipping.

Sale Price: $375

If you just get 1 amulet, the Double Black Diode is an excellent choice.

  • Prosperity Amulet and Prosperity Induction CD – sale $99.97

Sale Price: $99.97

The Prosperity Amulet combined with the Prosperity Path Affirmation Induction is a good way to bring yourself into the state of mind where prosperity is an open possibility for you.

photo of Tesla Gift Set, amulet, book, Parallel Worlds Explored For the Geeks in Your Life

Tesla Gift Set

CQR Amulet & Parallel Worlds Explored

Price: $295

A $420 value.

Quantum Tesla CQRtm – Crystal Quantum Radiotm amulet with Sterling Silver hand-braided, real rope bezel; and Brane-Power® founder E.J. Gold’s book, Parallel Worlds Explored

Love – Compassion  – Helping  – Charity – the sacred I-Thou of mystical relationship aspect of You and the Divine is universal. Celebration of Love born Here on Earth does not  belong to 1 religion and does not have to be powered by commercialism.

Quantum Crystal Radio amulets and Beacons for assisting transformation and human evolution make a great give anytime – and especially in this season. Make the world a more conscious place – one step at a time. Your choice of gifts does matter.

Quantum Pet – “Stargazer”

Adorable Quantum Crystal Radio Altar Piece and Pin, this is“Stargazer”

"Stargazer" Beta-Blocking Quantum Pet Pin or Altar Piece

A night-owl philosopher who stays up late to watch the stars, contemplate the Universe and everything – and keeps you good beta-blocking company

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL Price only: $39.97

All Quantum CQR pets are handcrafted and will all be unique.

Here are the things that will be the same:

  • Shape
  • Size
  • CQR-Quantum Crystal Radio
  • MaterialsClothes Pin on back
  • the Love and Care these are made with

These things will be different:

  • Look
  • Personality
  • Likes and Dislikes
  • The name you will give him or her

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous – made with Love

CQR Pet – “GoldFeet”

Ever since the first “Unspecified Pet” in January 2010 – We have been in love with these guys – The CQR Quantum-Pets. BeaconWork is offering a limited number of “Specified Pets” as a Christmas Special.

Quantum Pet “GoldFeet”

GoldFeet Quantum Pet

The adventurer and shapeshifter – master of adjustment – “you can take me anywhere

Beta-Blocking Quantum Pet Pin or Altar Piece

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL Price only: $39.97

All Quantum CQR pets are handcrafted and will vary.

Here are the things that will be the same:

  • Shape
  • Size
  • CQR-Quantum Crystal Radio
  • MaterialsClothes Pin on back
  • the Love and Care these are made with

These things will be different:

  • Look
  • Personality
  • Likes and Dislikes
  • The name you will give him or her

We decided to go overboard and show you 2 of them in a variety of environments. They are adorable – for your altar and other special places, wear on any clothes or hats as a pin.

International shipping note: Once shipped, please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery. Average has been 3-4 weeks for overseas travel time.

Prosperity Path – BeaconWork Sales Offer

The concept of “Prosperity” in antiquity and today, in many cultures, did not automatically mean personal wealth. It was more indicative of a condition of well-being and richness of life, and was meant in the sense of fullness of spirit and completeness as a being.

Why not give yourself permission forProsperity in every sense

Special Prosperity  Sales offer – a perfect gift:

Prosperity Amulet and Affirmation CD

Prosperity Amulet plus the  Affirmation CD

Christmas Sale Price: $99.97

The Prosperity Amulet combined with the Prosperity Path Affirmation Induction is a good way to bring yourself into the state of mind where prosperity is an open possibility for you.Share

Opens access to natural abundance energy. The Amulet is set in a Sterling Silver dollar-size, coin-edged bezel, ready to hang on cord or chain.

Prosperity Amuletreg. price  $125
Prosperity Path Affirmation CD – reg. price $16.97

“My prosperity amulet arrived this afternoon. I put it on and … got a call telling me that my father’s estate has a check for me in the amount of $150,000!” — S.C., Riverside, CA

“The prosperity amulet is working in profound ways. I had been working night and day to come up with sufficient funds to prevent losing my home of 28 years . . . . I called today to find out how short I was going to be, and it turns out that the school tax had somehow been paid. I have no record of that. Now I can fully pay the property tax, and my home has been spared from tax sale. Thanks!” — B.L.M., Honesdale, PA

“I secured 2 contracts that had been in limbo and got 3 new assignments — all in one day — after I started to wear my Prosperity Amulet.” — R.C., Nelson, BC

The Prosperity Path Induction CD

by E.J. Gold

“If you are using my Prosperity Beta Blocker Amulet, you might want to kick it up a notch or two with my newest release, the Prosperity Path Induction, which is intended to be used when wearing the Prosperity Amulet.

It’s just a few minutes a day and it will certainly bring you closer to a Prosperity Track. A Track is the path your Essential Self makes as it works its way through the Space-Time Continuums which form your “life” as you travel from Brane to Brane.

How this works is that as you voyage from Parallel World to Parallel World, you are gently guided by the induction/meditation into a track that yeilds higher levels of Prosperity and Well-Being. Although you are guided by my voice, YOU make all the decisions, YOU do all the work to select the Right Action Pathways! The Beta-Block allows you to concentrate on your pathways rather than on control of the biological machine and its continual mental chatter.

Following and consciously selecting each “choice point” along your Essential Self Life-Track, you weave a path through Parallel World after Parallel World, switching and shifting between realities from hour to hour and from day to day, just as you have always done, but with this induction affirmation procedure, it becomes a conscious path.

With the help of the guided induction/meditation, you deliberately and with full intention work yourself toward a path which is your best possible Prosperity Pathway through Space and Time.

In addition, I’ve added a few extra touches, to give you the opportunity to refresh and revitalize and re-energize yourself as you perform the active Prosperity Affirmation Meditation. I use a technique that was taught to be by my friend Orm McGill, the Dean of American Hypnotists, who helped me to develop and perfect my induction meditations and with whom I performed at Ross Relles in 1982 at our Annual Labor Day Convention.

Throughout the induction, YOU are in TOTAL CONTROL. You remain fully and completely aware and awake even though the body and beta mind are in deep reverie.

The space changes are totally safe and YOU control the entire experience, guided gently into the spaces necessary for the Prosperity Affirmation to help you gain the Spirit Power that brings you into the Prosperity Pathways.

Let this new technology open the gateway for you into the ancient science of Soul Travel, as you make a path for yourself into higher levels of awareness, waking state and prosperity.

Remember that you cannot get what you cannot give — part of prosperity is your own generosity, kindness, courtesy, consideration, forgiveness, hospitality, and a sense of deep and abiding caring.

These Essential Self Tendencies are very important for your Spiritual Development as you work your way toward a Parallel World where you have the actual ability to help others less fortunate than yourself. The Prosperity Path will give you the ability to exercise these gentle habits of the Spirit.

Send for your Prosperity Path Affirmation Induction today — you’ll soon be on the Prosperity Path!”

When referring to a person, prosperity means “successful”, “flourishing” or “thriving”. Only in relation to a country does it mean “booming economy”.

Attribute list: Act of kindness Beta Blocker Compassion Confidence Dowsing Energetic Enlightenment Fortune Gratitude Guardian Guide Happiness Healer Higher consciousness Higher intelligence Higher power Higher self Hope Illusion Infinite space Inner beauty Inner peace Inner radiance Inspirational Letting go Luck Overcoming fear Patience Peace Perseverance Personal enhancement Personal power Premonition Prosperity Protection Rejuvenate Relaxation Replenish Right action Self-esteem Self-help Strength Success Theta enhancement Transcend Transformation Truth Understanding Universal Vitality Wellness

Please keep in mind that we cannot list all attributes and effects that can possibly happen as a result of this kind of opening to or guidance from higher and other-dimensional energies and beings. Please call us at 530-271-2239 or Contact us online if you need any help choosing the best amulet for you at this time, we’ll be happy to assist you.