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Brane-Power 2011 – New amulets, Generators and THE MATRICES

Because of this beautiful being, Skye,  who I had the privilege to care for until Mai and the subsequent readjustment to life without her and the development in Helping K9s, I admit not having spent as much much time and attention on “what’s new” with Brane-Power and CQRs as I might have otherwise. However, here, finally,  is a brief summary:

The Brane-Power website got a totally new look. Please check it out. A lot of the history is available there and easy to see all amulet pages.

We saw the birth of several the generators. It started off in January with the Prosperity Generator, containing tiny gems and other items in a special assembly and a Crystal Quantum Radio.  You can read more about them on Continue reading Brane-Power 2011 – New amulets, Generators and THE MATRICES

Airport Traveling with Beacons and Amulets

from sé ó dubhagáin on traveling with beacons and amulets:

“yep … one should not worry about packing a beacon in the luggage or
amulets for that matter and in fact I wore 4 amulets coming through
the security check point in Dublin and just threw them in with
everything else in the tray .. my belt, shoes, anything metal in your
pockets, carry on bag .. you may not have traveled recently enough to
know what it is like to go through security at airports these days ..
but they never bat an eye at the amulets in the tray .. which goes
through a scan machine on a conveyor belt … then you walk through a
scan ‘ door ‘ and are then checked manually by someone waving a
scanning wand all around you … I even got through that scan once
wearing 3 amulets .. he just said ‘ hold up your jewelry away from the
wand so I can scan you ‘ etc

all in all … it should be ok if one takes the normal precautions
while traveling with brane-power technology.. what are normal
precautions ? .. it would probably be good to not have the crystals
hooked up with the wires to the beacon in your suitcase for example ..
just in case it might freak a guard who is looking at the scan …”

Brane-Power Center Grass Valley, CA, USA

At the Brane-Power Center in Grass Valley, California

127 Neal St
Grass Valley, CA
open Saturdays 9am-1pm and by appointment

Come on in and simply sit holding the Beacon Crystal Grippers and see what happens. IT’s FREE.
Level 1 Beacon Training available. Listen to the Zone Box inductions or some beautiful zen music. Choose a Brane-Power amulet, check out the books.

Guided BEACON Inductions
Reach deep meditative states quickly. Access and integrate parallel world selves. Access talents and abilities you didn’t know you had.

Guided ZONE BOX Inductions
Relaxation, Worry, Self-esteem, Prosperity, True Love, Energizer, Wellness, Lucid Dreaming, Inner Beauty, Psychic Self-Defense, Spirit Guide.

Donations welcome.

We don’t think chocolate is bad for you, so yes you can get chocolates and don’t forget to Keep the Magic in your Live with Magickman’s selection of easy to do tricks – for your kids, grandkids or the young at heart in your live.

International Thanksgiving Workshop at IDHHB

It is getting closer – the week-long Thanksgiving Workshop, Monday, November 22 – Monday, November 29, is coming up in Grass Valley, Ca at the Institute for the Development of the Harmonious Human Being – IDHHB. The group-house is available from November 16 to workshop participants who wish to come early.

The inspiration for this event is that our friends from Spain are making the long trip and special effort to come over this year to be with us…and we at the Institute are stoked about this. As for myself – I am excited for – our Spanish sister site for the Crystal Quantum Amulets and Beacons. (more about that later)

When folks with such dedication and work energy come, “stuff” always happens – the potential for transformation and a new DOH in one’s life is great..

We have been asked: tell me more about the workshop. We do this the best we can and as is possible given E.J. Gold’s shamanic way of working in the moment and responding to the true needs of the people who come. This years sees a particular coming together of tying in the different work tools that have been offered tirelessly over the years. As far as specifics go for this workshop: scheduled is Astral Travel Training catch-up, a great time for those who missed the convention in September and would like the Astral Travel Training. It is the intention of the folks from Spain to bring this training back home to those who could not make it. And then there is Magic! Actual real training. Here is a background blog from magickman E.J. Gold himself on Magic and the Way of Service. You may want to check out the site for other  blogs and offerings. There is always music at the events – jamming together (definately bring your portable instrument!!!) and usually karma yoga garden work or other outside work to balance the indoor activities (bring gloves and shoes for that).

In the midst of all this, there are recommended movies to watch, zen flute and drumming practice…and of course working as a group, meeting longtime friends and sangha buddies as well as meeting new ones, cooking together at the group house – all  essential experiences of the workshop.

Oh, I almost forgot the art class at Ben Franklin, possibly some ESD with Kelly.

And those are just the things we think will happen – making for an intense time and immersion in the way of working that is quite characteristic and unique of E.J. Gold. Who is E.J. Gold blog.

Group Housing is available at $35 per night – though you may not get you own room at that rate and may have to bring a sleeping bag. Since it can get cold, but worse – very wet around that time of year, this is a great deal.

Meals are flexible – in the past, the work-group cooked they own dinners – sometimes breakfast, with lunches available for a small fee at the ranch.

For those involved with BeaconWork – I am looking forward to meet with you and chart the way and brainstorm the potential for this adventure and endeavor. By the way – those coming to the workshop will have the opportunity to get some experience with the Beacon at the Grass Valley Brane-Power Center.

The cost for the workshop is $100 per day attended. Not everyone can stay a week. Please let us know if you do want to come early so we can make the necessary arrangements. Partial scholarships may be available. Food and lodging are separate and need to be covered in full by the participants including those on partial scholarships.

Be nurtured on all levels – as well as challenged out of your comfort zone into a new phase of growth in your life. A delicious Thanksgiving meal  will be prepared in the Cloister Kitchen.

Brane-Power Center Riverside, California, USA

Brane-Power Center Riverside, California, USA

The Toltecs teach that each time we make a decision less-than-consciously, a part of us makes the other decision and our lifeline splits. The BEACON automatically seeks, recovers and harmonizes PUPs (Parallel Universe Personae) into the present HomeWorld Universe, seeking the next-nearest in order of luminosity (apparent magnitude).
Beacon Recapitulation Sessions available for only $5 each! Call (951) 686-3471 to make an appointment.

For more information or to try out the Beacon, please go to or contact:

The Tequihua Foundation
(951) 686-3471
The Riverside Beacon Center is located at 3485 University Ave. off Lemon St., Riverside, CA 92501. We are open Monday through Friday, 11 to 7; Saturday 10 to 4; Sunday 1 to 3; and by appointment.
3485 University Ave. off Lemon St.
Riverside, CA 92501

Beacon Price: $1,850.00
Includes training on how to use the Beacon
Shipping: $30.00

Opening a Brane-Power™ Center – what is needed?

Recently more people have asked what is needed to open a Brane-Power™ Center. We are happy that you have been touched and inspired by these tools to make them available to others. That is the most important ingredient in this. Here are some of our suggestions and considerations on practical matters.

When you open a Brane-Power™ Center for public access, you are making  the Beacon™ and Crystal Quantum Radio Amulets™ available to anyone who is interested to explore this and comes across your Center or your advertisement. This is different from having friends come over to your house and try out the Beacon™, and it is important to be aware of this difference.

So for a Brane-Power™ Center you will need a space. This could be your own office in an office building, a rented space in someone else’s studio or clinic or some other suitable public space. This space could be in a quiet corner in a bookstore for example. The hours can be posted or by appointment, this is up to you.

A Brane-Power™ Center without a Beacon™ or Super Beacon™ would not make sense. Each Center needs a Beacon™ or Super Beacon™, a table and a chair. A 3 minute time simply sitting holding the grippers can be quite powerful for people. Some like to sit longer. For those who wish to go further, you will need the Zone Box™ induction CDs and/or the Level 1 PUP™ inductions. The Daily Practice Meditation CDs are also useful. If you wish to make headphones and a cd player available, that facilitates the process. Alcohol wipes work to clean the  grippers and headphones. Those coming back for the entire Beacon Training™ often choose to bring their own player and/or headphones. A log is very useful to keep track of progress and experiences. There are Meditation Music cd’s  which could be offered, for on-site use or for sale. The Laminated Beacon™ – Card also has very useful information.

Which Super Beacon™ would we recommend for a Center?: The table version as seen here, if you have the table space. For a visual on the difference or the Super Beacon™ and the Portable Super Beacon™, the video at the bottom of the page might be helpful.

We suggest you have a couple of books Parallel Worlds Explored available for sale.

A Set of Amulet Cards has been very popular as well as  helpful in choosing the right amulet for someone,  in addition to a few amulets on display for sale.

Some promotional material to hand out is very useful also.

You most likely will want to  apply for wholesaler status with Brane-Power.

Regarding payment – do what seems right for you and where you work. Free 3 minute stressbuster meditation, donations, small fee for the PUP induction training? It’s all ok.

Ethics and conduct: in this video from the early days of Brane-Power™, E.J. Gold talks about how to conduct a Brane-Power™ Center.

Super Beacon™ and Portable Super Beacon™

Brane-Power Centre, Cork City, Ireland

Great News – Brane-Power is available now in IrelandBeacon use, Zone box, Amulets.


BeaconWork - available at the Dervish, CorkCity, Ireland

At “Dervish
Address: 50 Cornmarket Street, Cork City, Ireland
Phone: 0214278243
Time and Place : Dervish – Upstairs: *Saturdays – subject to room
availability ( *Phone store to confirm if visiting especially for
Brane-Power )

Brane-Power Crystal Quantum Radio Technology
” Invention is the Child of Necessity ” … E.J. Gold

Experience Your Self in a Parallel Universe

Sé Ó Dubhagáin

Newly arrived in Ireland from California, the
Beacon, along with Guided Meditation
CDs,  is now available for use at Dervish during * Saturday business hours 10am – 6 pm
Fee: by donation only
Facilitated by Sé Ó Dubhagáin,
Brane- Power Training Director
087 1678 621

A sample selection of amulets are on hand for

For this Saturday only, the El Brujo
will be on sale at 75 Euro.

Brane-Power® | Creator of Beta Blocker CQR – Crystal Quantum RadioTM Devices
The Classic Amulet — “Always on Sale”

Don’t forget to check out the Brane-Power Christmas Sales 2010

Where is Cork City in Ireland?

Cork City Location in Ireland

Christmas Sale Specials 2010 – check it out

Shipping takes time  – especially to all of you overseas to have your gifts ready and under the tree in time for Christmas. It gets very busy so don’t wait. Order now to have these special gifts ready for you, your family and friends in time for this special Christmas gift.

Advance Notice Brane-Powers Christmas Sale specials – Sales ends December 31, 2010 at midnight

(..but don’t hesitate to ask for special deals and offers anytime. You can use this form)

  • Love Amulet and Loving essential oil $99.97, save $41, regular price $160. Buy now

combination offer no longer available

Price: $99.97

Love for those you love every day – this is a great gift. The Love Power Crystal Quantum Radio amulet which can be worn anytime and the divinely transportative scent of “Loving” oil, an exquisite blend that incorporates the calming influence of patchouli and sandalwood with the classic heart opening effect of roses.

  • Protector Amulet and Psychic Defense essential oil $99.97, save $41, regular price $160. Buy now

    combination offer no longer available

Sale Price: $99.97

High attributes of Protection and psychic self defense, this Protector Crystal Quantum Radio amulet and protection oil blend is especially for those who constantly deal with energetic influences and entities in their work or just generally would like to effect some psychic protection.

  • SuperBeacon $1850reg price $2.250, save $400 and get FREE Shipping (standard, USA Only)

Super Beacon CQR – Crystal Quantum Radio™

Sale Price: $1,850

Includes the entire set of 30 Level 1 Beacon Induction CDs as well as the 2 Daily Practice meditation CDs. Call 530-271-2239 for any questions regarding the purchase or function of the Super Beacon.

  • Double Black Diode Amulet – $375, reg. $500 save $125 and get FREE Shipping  (standard, USA only)

Sale Price: $375

If you just get 1 amulet, the Double Black Diode is an excellent choice.

  • Prosperity Amulet and Prosperity Induction CD – sale $99.97

Sale Price: $99.97

The Prosperity Amulet combined with the Prosperity Path Affirmation Induction is a good way to bring yourself into the state of mind where prosperity is an open possibility for you.

photo of Tesla Gift Set, amulet, book, Parallel Worlds Explored For the Geeks in Your Life

combination offer no longer available

Tesla Gift Set

CQR Amulet & Parallel Worlds Explored

Price: $295

A $420 value.

Quantum Tesla CQRtm – Crystal Quantum Radiotm amulet with Sterling Silver hand-braided, real rope bezel; and Brane-Power® founder E.J. Gold’s book, Parallel Worlds Explored

Love – Compassion  – Helping  – Charity – the sacred I-Thou of mystical relationship aspect of You and the Divine is universal. Celebration of Love born Here on Earth does not  belong to 1 religion and does not have to be powered by commercialism.

Quantum Crystal Radio amulets and Beacons for assisting transformation and human evolution make a great give anytime – and especially in this season. Make the world a more conscious place – one step at a time. Your choice of gifts does matter.


“The Artiste” – Unique CQR Quantum Pet

Adorable “Beta-Blocker” Quantum Crystal Radio Altar Piece and Pin, this is “The Artiste”

Wild and creative, you never know just what you can expect

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL Price only: $39.97

* Cart FAQ *
We will ship overseas.
All Quantum Pets are very unique – this one especially.
All we can promise is that there will be color; this is a very Unique Quantum Pet. Have fun, be surprised, fall in love with YOURS.

Handcrafted with Love.

Here are the things that will be the same:

  • Shape
  • Size
  • CQR-Quantum Crystal Radio
  • MaterialsClothes Pin on back
  • the Love and Care these are made with

These things will be different:

  • Look
  • Personality
  • Likes and Dislikes
  • The name you will give him or her

Quantum Pet – “Stargazer”

Adorable Quantum Crystal Radio Altar Piece and Pin, this is“Stargazer”

"Stargazer" Beta-Blocking Quantum Pet Pin or Altar Piece

A night-owl philosopher who stays up late to watch the stars, contemplate the Universe and everything – and keeps you good beta-blocking company

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL Price only: $39.97

All Quantum CQR pets are handcrafted and will all be unique.

Here are the things that will be the same:

  • Shape
  • Size
  • CQR-Quantum Crystal Radio
  • MaterialsClothes Pin on back
  • the Love and Care these are made with

These things will be different:

  • Look
  • Personality
  • Likes and Dislikes
  • The name you will give him or her

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous – made with Love