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CQR Quantum Healing Angels

One of the objects on the altar set up for the distance healing spaces on gorebaggtv is a CQR Quantum Healing Angel.  Why?

Because I am specifically calling on higher entities and angelic forces to help us. Below you find more specific reasons of why they are called like this CQR Quantum Healing Angels, and why they are the colors they are.


Why quantum – because that is how it works in quantum mechanics like spooky action at a distance – it is spooky healing at a distance. The crystal quantum radio circuit embedded in the angels connects with that space specifically.

Why angel – because it signifies and connects with higher vibrational, not usually physical entities or energies to aid or guide us on our earthly journey. Usually the word angel comes with a positive connotation, whereas “spirits” can bring up other feelings. Higher vibrational entities or energies, spirit guides, angels – they all can be called upon. I am specifically calling on healing angels, higher beings to help us with health, well-being and awakening.

Why are angels shown with wings? To indicate they are beings that can fly – as in …move through the air, teleport. Do they really need wings for that, given their don’t have physical bodies and this is in quantum space? no. Ancient alien theorists even go so far as to say that angles are really otherworldy beings, aliens, who visit us, and used spaceships to fly. In any case, showing a figure with wings is an immediate reminder that we are not dealing with a mere mortal human.

Why Healing? This is made for a healing event, hence healing angel. Many traditions talk about entities who come to help humans. Angel Raphael is one of them. He is considered the healing angel in the christian religion. What makes this a healing angel vs any other angel – the colors.

Why these colors?  The healing angel Raphael is associated with the color green. Modern medicine determined that certain colors have a soothing and relaxing effect on humans – greens and blues. Our body-minds are still very connected and receptive to the sky, the seas, and the green color of trees and plants – and respond with relaxation. Some colors are more neutral, and some are stimulating and invigorating – sometimes to the point of eliciting a fight or flight disposition. Myself, I have always preferred blues and greens.

This does not mean that in color therapy, for example, you would not choose or need other colors.

Since in a healing space relaxation is more effective,   the angels were made with those colors – mostly greens with a touch of blue, plus white to signify light and purity of intention,  and some with a sprinkle of purple.

Charging objects. Some of the objects of my healing altar are charged from the way they got made, and from being in many higher spaces already.

The CQR Quantum Healing Angel is charged from how and where it is  made. Being in the healing spaces, it will continue to charge and eventually become highly psychometric artifact.

Quantum Healing Angels can become very special altar objects. You can do this with any of your chosen altar objects. You can read up on the function of altars here.

I hope this explains my choices for the CQR Quantum Healing Angel.

PS – the colors shown on the web are not exactly how the colors look in “real” life. It depends on your screen as well as the lighting during time of photography.



Years after my first SuperBeacon experience

It has been several year since my very first Super Beacon experience, and back then I thought the 2 weeks it took to integrate that persona, blissfully peaceful after the initial encounter,  were all that was really needed. Years later it became apparent just how important that encounter was for me. I wrote about it here on this page How the SuperBeacon experience helped me in this life    on the Superbeacon page section, just adding a post about it – in hopes it might be helpful to someone passing by. If you do have a strong experience during one of the  parallel  personae (PUP) excursions of Beacon Level I, it is well worth looking at it closer … (and everyone’s experience of the PUP inductions is different, as for example, some may have no noticeable experience at the time, only to realize later some new and unexpected things in life, attitude changes and so on..)

One thing I have found is…new challenges arise as consciousness expands to include more and more of all that is, including your SELF…and one still has to accept and work with one’s current body-mind and conditioning…and what appears to be happening in our current environment.

Be kind to yourself


Many Blessings





My Super Beacon Experience

Why do I call it that – because it was THE experience with a Crystal Quantum Radio Device that …I could not deny… personally experienced.

It was at the very very beginning in the Crystal Quantum Radio development – before anything was out there in public. …..

I will write about it soon enough – without looking at my notes, just what I remember after more than 5 1/2 years. Deep breath – and yes, it is what makes me accept all those testimonials….it works.beacon-original

Crystal Quantum Radio Devices for Transformation

What is Brane-Power and what is a Crystal Quantum Radio – a CQR?

Crystal Quantum Radios devices from Brane-Power are Beacons or Amulets containing circuits that use the old crystal technology of early radios for signal reception. The target frequencies that are received seem to affect the higher levels of your energy field, which in turn causes things to happen in your usually perceived physical reality. The most noticeable effect is that of what we called” Beta-Blocker” – for shifting the predominant beta brain to a more intuitive creative state of being.

Often people want to hear the radio station sort of as a proof that it “works”, and tuning can be such that understandable sound can be heard – but really, the pudding is in the background frequencies. If you want a radio station, you might be better off with a radio. The tuning of the Crystal Quantum Radio Devices is for the in between spaces. Upon seeing such an amulet worn by his brother, it was described by a German scientist as a  Super Energetic Generator for Quantum Mechanical Auxiliary Effects.

Quest for your Life – E.J. Gold

Be here now is not the message,  ……… be everywhere – E.J. Gold

Learn how to be everywhere at once, learn how to be quantum. E.J. Gold

Where you are is where you wanna be. E.J. Gold

There are 2 things that allow me to write about Brane-Power’s Crystal Quantum Radios and their effects.

1 – testimonials

2 –  personal experience.

Testimonials and the freedom to explore

I’ll tell you a little be with my first experience of the power and importance of testimonials in 1990, long before Crystal Quantum Radios are even available. I had found a book in a Manhattan bookstore I happened to be in on while exploring “the City” visiting  from Queens, Long Island, where I was doing a Fellowship in Neonatal Perinatal Medicine at the Long Island Jewish Hospital. That book was “Nature and Survival for Children” by Tom Brown Jr. and his first wife. I loved it and there was nothing in that book that felt wrong. It had some contact information in the back – which one depended on in those  pre-computer days. I knew I HAD to go to one of his workshops and I did – Basic Survival – back then still at his then home in New Jersey, and then several more, some in the Pine Barren camps in New Jersey. Rather than going deeper into the hard core natural and survival training, the class I really wanted after an amazing experience during the basic survival class were the Philosophy classes, which was the very next one I took.

One of the things Tom told us in the beginning was this, and I paraphrase: you are here from all walks of life having lived in society all your life. Some of you some professionally trained in sciences. I can tell you, that this room is PACKED with all kinds of beings and spirits (there were 50 of us sitting in one room on benches, writing notes with pads on our knees) Most of you can’t see them. You are here for 1 week – and for that one week, just play. Set aside all you have learned or think is true and just play and explore. Give yourself that freedom.

I could accept that – and I did  – and mind as I knew it: blown. I think he hit on something that at least for me was very very important: allow yourself, give yourself permission, in this case for a week, because that sounded not so threatening, – to be free and open to actually explore, to not have to listen to your internal objections and arguments against what is happening, things that you were not usually exposed to or taught in the schools of society.

Another thing Tom said was this: there are 50 of you in this room, and we will do exercises and meditations and afterwards there will be time for sharing. That is really important, because some of you will have experiences that everyone needs to hear. And don’t worry if you are not one of those people, not everyone will have an experience the first time, or the second time or every times, but believe you me, there will be a time when it will be YOUR time to share. We are a group doing this together, and sharing will help everyone else. And sure enough, that is how it was. I will share with you one of the 2 most crucial experiences with you here. We had done a meditation in which we were to go to a certian place in the spirit world. I witness something remarkable while there, but then I was not gonna share because, well, it was just one of those dreams and things of my imagination that happened during a meditation, right? Then this guy got up, a lawyer from New York, and told about HIS experience and I was like…wait a minute – I SAW all that – I was THERE. His experience involved being confronted with a huge insect like animal as in the size of a small dinosaur and it looked for a while like it was gonna grab him, kill him and eat him …but then the guy shifted and reached out for it …..and touched it, and it disappeared.  As he told us about the encounter, he started approaching it with love. My sharing then really helped him validate the realness of that world and what happened.

I am telling you this in case your mind is not yet used to spirit worlds, alternate realities, shared dream spaces, parallel world personas, high sense perception and the like.

Back to the CQR devices, reading or listening to the testimonials about experiences with both CQR amulets and Super Beacons  – it is like sharing in a group of people during the workshop, only the workshop is in your life and home, the open mindedness a choice you have made and the group is dispersed all over the world.  To this day I am still amazed at what happens when people use these devices – some even have returned them because there were working too well. One thing E.J. Gold says is that these CQR devices cannot overpower your will, meaning unless you consent, nothing will happen.

Something in you is attracted, ready, willing to explore and intuitively knows that this is a tool, or even a path for you, or one that you want to explore.

Tom Brown, after explaing something or other – used to say: prove me right or prove me wrong. And I have hear E.J say it like this: don’t take my word for it, investigate it for yourself and tell me if i am right or wrong.

Testimonials are important, for some people more than others, but this sharing is an important part of the process, which does, after all, involve the dismantling of the limiting beliefs and internal structures we grew up with.

You probably already know that there are different types of people – and there are various systems to describe “types”, as the enneagram, “sign”, 4rth way, energetics, ayurvedic and more. So, regarding testimonials, there are some folks who actually need to hear what others have experienced to be able to decide to try out something, others simply enjoy partaking in this form of group experience.

What I CAN tell you is that the Brane-Power testimonials people send in are not made up.  People really send them in and I am still floored by what they report back after wearing the amulets or using the Beacon devices.

But think about it: QUANTUM – cannot be measured in time-space physics. In fact, if you know anything about quantum physics and the implication of what is now coming forth about the nature of matter – you would ask – why WOULDN’T this work? It also explains why there can not be a cooky-cutter, hard and fast, description of the results to be expected from using these devices. YOU ARE TOO UNIQUE with where you are at with your consciousness and the sum of all your experiences. We cannot predict what changes or effects there will be when you get plugged in, so to speak. We do know how the devices are made …but the effect is in part a result of the interaction with your consciousness,  energy field and life-path.

Personal experience, personally experienced

Now to the other part of why I can write about his: my experience with the Super-Beacon.

You simply cannot substitute personal experience personally experienced.

I had been guided to a life change and moved to California from the East Coast to work with E.J. Gold. During this particular time when the beacon experience happened,  I was working at night, mainly on making you-tube videos. The place I was working in was just adjacent to the barn, a space that E.J. Gold often passed through. One such night, around 4 am, felt very “weird”. E.J. had been working with crystal radios and been developing the CQR device in the previous weeks and now a prototype was ready. I felt something was in the air, but nor sure what. Regarding the CQRs, I wasn’t at that time either for or against it. Did I think it was likely what I heard about it? Who knows, nah …but on the other hand, could it be true, this contacting of a parallel world persona? Maybe, who knows. I was in one of those actually quite rare spaces where I was truly neither for nor against, but truly neutral. I say rare, because I usually have opinions that are pretty strong one way or another, weather I can see another or not. I just could not tell about this Crystal radio thing.

So E.J. asked me I I were willing to try out the Super Beacon, and I says yes. I was asked to sit in a chair, relax  he handed me a post-it with some letters and numbers on it, the coordinates. He said, just hold the grips and look at the numbers, and I did. and  after a few moments OMG wow, though at the time, it was just a calm, beautiful encounter getting to know a side of me that explained so much, as well as helped me accept myself as I am in this world to a much larger degree.


French drop magic amulet – wow Testimonial –

This lady come to us via the Prosperity Path. She totally went by feel, what she was drawn to – in choosing her amulet, her first and only. Here is her amazing report

To Mr. Gold, and Yanesh, and the Prosperity Path Team:

While others seem invigorated by group interaction, it has always terrified and exhausted me.  But when an event I had been dreading for weeks arrived, I found myself – under the effects of my new amulet – easily able to navigate the whirling vortices of strangers and small-talk without feeling depleted at all, fully present and with energy to spare.
I would have gladly undergone brain surgery to alter this life-long handicap, if I had been able to find someone with the know-how.
My husband keeps remarking on the spike in my productivity, so I don’t think I’ll be able to keep the amulet a secret much longer, but for me the very best part is this:  I feel exactly like a girl who has just fallen in love.

From my deepest heart, thank you for giving me this new life.



The Beacon, Matrix, Hapi Drums – Link To Higher Dimensions

Thought I’d let you know about this new release – special recommendation from someone at Brane-Power – pretty interesting stuff

The Beacon, Matrix, Hapi Drums – Link To Higher Dimensions
ICW 3/31/12
with E.J. Gold & Claude Needham
DVD 282
2-DVD set, $29.95 (SRP)

This two-hour Inner Circle Workshop with E.J. Gold and Claude Needham wove through and expanded upon many essential points from the wide range of linking to the higher dimensions to implications of how to prepare,
practically, for and work in the awakened state.

Disc 1
· Difference between singing bowls and Hapi drums
· E.J. Gold’s message about prayer
· Chimeology — real knowledge from the 6th – 13th centuries — was
contained within
the seeds of the Pythagorean School underlying Sufic teaching
· Physics behind certain sounds can be heard in other dimensions
· The appropriate approach to and instructions for invoking an angel
· Relationship of the Beacon, Matrix and Amulets to link to Higher
· Proposed Angelic Calling app
· Slipstream from universe to universe

Disc 2
· Get into communication
· Public Domain isn’t necessarily royalty free
· Gird for success — story about waking up
· Essential secrets of street busking
· Getting in the Work is easy, staying is hard
· The awareness of being in a group and what that means
· Spooky Action at a Distance (SAAAD) within the Einsteinian Universe model
· Hapi drums have quantum effects — the UFO cuts through space and time
· Think of slipping one universe on as if putting on an article of clothing
· The real secret of Astral Projection

Excerpts from the ICW:

“Think of the matrix as a router to a spiritual internet. That might help
you understand what it is. Or through a spiritual internet to stations
which are planted in a variety of universes not all of which , hardly any
of which, are in this universe.

This universe had 3 local stations as opposed to some that will have
thousands of stations.

What a station is, is a place of gathering where millions or billions of
entities can gather . . . or three or four . . .

Think of the universe as a string of characters, actually a string of
values but let’s call them characters . . . that are shaded from incident
to value. This string of characters expresses a multiplicity of universes,
one of which is the universe in which you happen to be currently.

It depends on the strength and the scale of the gathering. The
megalocosmos is a composite of all universes that exist. You can not
composite it. Neither time nor space apply to the universe outside this

The same moment doesn’t mean time frame, actually it is an event. Event
related rather than a time related calculation.

There is no evolution only adaptation. Evolution is not necessary. Natural
selection is necessary, yes and adaptation is necessary.”

Beacon and Superbeacon – what’s the difference?

Just physically – the exterior: size

Super Beacon is the largest, the Beacon and the smaller size is the Portable Super Beacon.

Function: both are used for all levels of Beacon Training or other related functions. The Super Beacon comes with built-in Tourmalines for protection, recommended after level 9.

If you have the beacon, all you do is change the crystal grippers for tourmaline grippers.


From Brane-Power on facebook, reposted here all in 1 for easy accessability:


You can increase your will-power, your spiritual strengths and your certainty about your life-decisions with this new invention based upon the “lost” technology of crystal radio.

The truth is that crystal radio technology was never lost, it just went underground along with the work of Tesla, Tucker and many others who dare to defy the industrial giants who control virtually every aspect of modern life.

Crystal Radio Technology is the key to higher consciousness, and you can prove it to yourself in less than five minutes. . . tune in tomorrow for more on the SuperBeacon.


Today is tomorrow, so here is part 2:

continuation on the Super Beacon:


As you know from the many popular series on “The Universe” and “Wormhole” and from the news on CNN, scientists are now agreed that there are parallel worlds existing, although no one knows how to actually get from here to there and back again…that is, no one except the Shaman, who has known about these worlds all along.

Because scientific testing depends upon technology, science does not yet have the same answers that yogis, shaman and other so-called “mystics” have had for many tens of thousands of years.

Eventually, quantum physics will reveal that you can nano-program a quantum…wait a moment, I’d better explain a quantum from the standpoint of the science known in the world from which I’ve come…

To begin with, you’ll have to wrap your head around the concept that the universe, or “multiverse” as some like to call it, is not really “here”, any more than the world you’re seeing on your computer screen right now.

Just like the stuff on the internet, and all the stuff inside your computer, the universe is one long string of characters, sort of like basic in spots, sort of like hex in others, and still others, pure binary and/or trinary logical codes, but it’s all one big, long string of numbers.

Yes, but how can this world made of pure numbers seem so darn real, and, well…painful?

Tune in tomorrow for,

“I’ll explain:”

. . . continuation of the Super Beacon  …Part 3

I’ll explain:

You know how easily you can get immersed in a movie, videogame, dance performance, theater, book or news program, right?

You of course must know that technical skills toward full-immersion are here already, and it’s now just a question of marketing and getting public acceptance…but for what???

For 3-D i-Glasses (it’s already patented) that make you into a walking biocomputer, actually what was once called a CybOrg, cybernetic device plus biological organism — CybOrg.

In the very near future, you won’t have to leave home to experience a pleasure trip around the world. You’ll smell it, feel it, taste it, sense it, hear it and see it in full surround 3-D, because it’ll be a full-blown hallucination created inside your own brain, directed by a machine that knows what you like and dislike and adjusts your experience to match those standards.

Right now, this very moment, you can get into a videogame, take action, take part in its lifestream and participate through your avatar in the experience of the moment.

Yet you won’t really be there, nor is anything actually happening inside the computer. The fact is, it’s all a string of numbers, expressing itself as a picture on your screen and a sound coming out of a couple of speakers.

It looks so dimensional, but it isn’t. It’s a flat screen, with colored dots.

It sounds so real. But it isn’t. It’s all simulation.

That’s your experience of life on Planet Earth in a nutshell.

But there’s more. So much more.

UFOs are from other civilizations, many of which are nowhere near this universe, let alone this tiny galaxy amongst billions of other galaxies, each containing many billions of stars, most of which have planetary systems, some of which are populated by beings far smarter than humans, and they travel this way all the time!

Let’s talk about interdimensional travel, okay? . . .

Tune in tomorrow for more on the Super Beacon

. . .continuation of the Super Beacon (4th installment)

Let’s talk about interdimensional travel, okay?WHY DO IT?
Because it’s fun. But there are a lot of other more reasonable reasons, and here they are:1. You’ll open a door to a world much greater than Planet Earth.
2. You’ll regain memories you never dreamed you had.
3. You’ll immediately feel better as things quiet down inside your head.
4. You’ll have experiences you never thought you’d ever have.
5. You’ll be able to do things you never learned, but you’ll instantly know how!
6. You’ll have a much larger view of the universe and your place in it.
7. You’ll know what you’re here on Planet Earth to do, and you’ll be able to do it.
8. You’ll be able to see your whole life, beyond life here on Earth, both in the distant past and distant future.
9. You’ll know exactly what to do at every life-turn; guided by the SuperBeacon, you can’t go wrong!
10. You’ll be happy, totally happy with the results of your efforts!!!Tune in tomorrow for more on the SuperBeacon


. . . continuation on the Super Beacon (fifth installment)


Full immersion gaming and sports spectating, even restaurant and sex-parlor experiences aren’t very far away, probably less than a decade, even given the primitive science of humans of Planet Earth, not even close to intellectual giants amongst an unimaginably huge population of incredibly intelligent life in many galaxies in this universe and many more in other parallel universes.

In most Galactic Accord civilizations, “intelligence” is measured by the percentage of telepathics in the population. A population that is about 90% telepathic constitutes a barely-passing grade.

Peacefulness, integration of diverse cultures, beliefs and practices, along with world-wide cooperation lead inevitably toward natural telepathic communication on a cultural level, astral projection as a perfected science — which looks to humans like UFOs, but they aren’t — and of course, university-level courses on soul-retrieval and other pursuits of higher galactic civilizations.

Tune in tomorrow for more on the SuperBeacon


‎. . .continuation of the Super Beacon (6th installment)


You can, if you know how, encode a message into a positionally-significant electronic mass — in quantum, it’s understood that masses of potential energy tend to as-if lump up into…well, into lumps, but not exactly. The lumps are a way of measuring something that can’t and won’t stand still long enough to measure, they aren’t really there in the sense of particle physics, where bumping into something means you collided with it. In quantum, that’s just not how it works. In quantum travel doesn’t involve distance.In quantum, an electron can suddenly be in one universe, and then, just as suddenly, be in one, two or more other universes also. It can co-exist in a number of universes at once, because, like the graviton, it slices through matter and dark energy quite easily, something like the net effect of a neutrino.

Encoding a message and actual travel are two different balls of wax, aren’t they???

Following the path indicated by the radio waves detected to its source by your SuperBeacon, you’ll track the pathway back along itself, but far faster than the speed of light, because you’re not hampered by clinging barnacles of particles. Supra-Light travel is only possible in the absence of particles.

Particles are subject to gravity effects when passing super-massive black holes, but not a non-particle being like yourself.

You’ll have to be satisfied with a non- physical journey, but it’s no less immersive than a videogame, and with practice, you’ll get all the smells, sensations and sounds, just like you do on Planet Earth.

You can visit ancient civilizations and even live an actual life right from the present time!!! You can follow your own past-lives. Your ancient past becomes a string of personal sitcoms and reality shows!!!

But there’s more…much more!
Tune in tomorrow for the technical part.


‎. . . continuation on the SuperBeacon (7th installment)


Through experimentation with a long-lost branch of science, crystal radio technology has revealed itself to be a means by which certain “quantum” effects can be generated or captured through radio waves coming to us directly from the Big Bang in outer space.

SuperBeacon Inductions have been shown to induce lucid dreaming and astral travel.

You can use the SuperBeacon to contact your own parallel universe personae, but it can be used to contact any spirit anywhere in this universe or another.

The SuperBeacon is typically used to increase one’s abilities, both universal-spiritual and local-planetary. Some of those abilities actually reside in off-world selves, in much the same way that you might store large quantities of data in an outboard memory chip.

The SuperBeacon can be used with specific ancient artifacts, which come to you mounted for altar placement, and ready to use, to facilitate the psychic connections for psychometry or reading of past life objects.

tune in tomorrow for — IS THIS THING FOR REAL???

‎. . . continuation on the SuperBeacon (8th installment)

First of all, the parts to make 1909 crystal radios are no longer made. You have to find new vintage parts, and they’re rare.

Everything now is digital and satellite- driven. Radio waves are uninteresting to most scientists today. Only a few visionaries realize that an important scientific area has been dropped in favor of something cheaper and easier to sell. Even Radio Shack, formerly a good source of crystal radio parts, no longer has them available.

Digital technology is not always a good answer, but science doesn’t pay the bills — war and industry write the paychecks and pay the bills.

But thanks to a lucky lab-accident, Crystal Radio Technology is now once again under development by both military and industrial giants, and major physicists like Michio Kaku are ensuring that this important science of parallel universes will thrive, because it can now be proven that there are military and industrial benefits. With a budget of 7.5 Billion Euros, the Large Hadron Collider is proof enough that science is taking parallel universes and extra-dimensional travel very, very seriously.

. . .continuation of the Super Beacon (9th installment)


General Henry H. C. Dunwoody, of the U.S. Army Signal Corps, patented a crystal radio detector ‘way back in 1906. Marconi was the more famous, but the Dunwoody circuit is far superior.

Dunwoody’s pioneering work in radio led eventually to tube radios, then to transistor radios, and eventually to non-AM digital technology, leaving behind the early inquiries into natural radio waves, which would have led scientists directly to radio telescopes and a much earlier discovery of the NASA WMAP, which reveals the exact shape and distribution of particles throughout the universe just after the Big Bang.

The Detector Circuit of the SuperBeacon is based on a very selective and sensitive design that has been used since the very early wireless days. It employs an antenna/ground tuning capacitor to fine tune the input to the parallel tank tuning circuit for optimum selectivity and signal level.

The variable capacitors are tuned like a parallel twin tank circuit, and is critically micro-adjusted to resonate at the desired frequency, which is called the “Shumann Harmonic” or “World-Sound”, long known to science. This is the frequency that makes out-of-body astral travel possible and creates “wormholes” between this universe and other parallel worlds.

The precision-tuned circuit makes this set perform far and away better than slider-tuned crystal sets.

It is common to be able to hear real DX from short wave broadcast stations thousands of miles away when conditions are right. It is a real thrill to hear the BBC London, Radio Netherlands, Radio Taiwan, and others on a CRYSTAL SET!

It is possible to hear commercial AM stations hundreds of miles away when conditions are good. One inovation in this circuit is the Detector which automatically selects and refines the highest level signal.

Highest quality parts are used throughout. The Germanium crystal “Outer Space Radio Wave Detector” is hand-selected from vintage stock, and tested for greatest sensitivity.

Of course, there are in addition to natural radio waves coming from the Big Bang, Population III stars and other radio sources in the galaxy, radio waves generated by humans. Some of these commercial radio stations are so powerful that they blot out anything except themselves. So in order to receive the signal you want, the overwhelmingly powerful nearby commercial stations must be blanked out, squelched. This is called “nulling”.

The SuperBeacon has a second important circut opposite the first, which is, among radio hobbyists, called a “QRM Rejector”, to which is assigned the function of “jamming” local commercial radio stations that operate too close to the “Schumann Harmonic” frequency we want to receive.

In the early days of wireless, very long wavelength signals were used. These extremely long wavelengths required exceptionally long antennas in order to be resonant. It was impractical to have antennas that were thousands of feet long, so early designers found a way around this problem by using “loading coils” to artificially lengthen their antennas. These loading coils were adjustable coils of wire, or Inductors. Both the SuperBeacon and the CQR Amulet relies on the INDUCTION RING, producing a well-known, but not yet understood, interdimensional quantum effect.

Tune in tomorrow for How to Use the SuperBeacon

‎. . . continuation of the SuperBeacon.HOW TO USE THE SUPERBEACON:You may feel a bit of a tingle when holding the grippers. Rest assured that this is not an electrical effect in the ordinary sense; it has no measurable voltage. The tingle comes from the crystal energies, enhanced by the copper wrappings and their connection to the radio-waves which have been captured and processed within the SuperBeacon.

Put the Sony headphones on — you will note that they are oriented with an “L” for the left ear and “R” for the right ear. You may prefer to use ear buds, or another high quality headphone, which is just fine. Everyone is required to use their own headphone at a training center for the sake of personal hygiene and also for psychic- spiritual cleanliness.

The induction disk should now be placed in the Walkman CD player. The disk itself is “charged” shamanically and is an important part of the functionality of the SuperBeacon. Later more advanced training will not use CD induction. Relax as much as you are easily able to do at this time and drop the facial mask (any tension in the face) by relaxing the facial muscles. Release any tension in the shoulders and breathe normally, naturally and gently to get the best results, however if you are feeling tense, it’s all right — the tension will be gone by the end of the induction.

Start the disk by pressing the “play” button to the right of the little window on the side of the Walkman. Adjust the volume as necessary with the “plus” and “minus” buttons to the left of the little LCD window. Pick up the crystal grippers and allow the induction to do all the work. Don’t worry if the Chronic (inner thoughts that work against your evolution) fights the procedure — it works anyway.

Now pick up the copper-coil wrapped crystal grippers, which connect you to the Crystal Detector inside the SuperBeacon. Hold them loosely in a relaxed manner. Do not grip them tightly. You can hold them in any comfortable position with your arms either on a table, on arm-rests, or your lap.

When the induction is complete, which at lower levels will be in about ten minutes and in advanced procedures will be up to an hour, place the grippers back on the table and remove the headphones or ear buds.

You can continue to hold the grippers during the integration process, about three to five minutes up to an hour or two for intense OtherWorld experiences.

Once you have completed your induction, you’ll enter the main points of the experience in your Trip Log.

–E.J. Gold

Quantum consciousness – for organic farming and seeds

DATE to remember: January 31, 2012

Today’s quantum physics is getting there: Reality is not linear,  not time space as we perceive it … our world as we see it is not actually even there. Parallel universes exist & how anything and everything comes about is up for reevaluation and discovering as never before in our current earth history. Consciousness informs the manifest … and the manifest in turn informs consciousness. In a strange way – we are co-creating our world as we become conscious … as we “wake up”. You CAN change worlds. There is a natural wisdom, intelligence, consciousness that underlies the manifest world.

Waking up has different levels and stages. There is a level where you simply become aware… you inform yourself. One such event is the one referred to below, on January 31, 2012.

If you agree we have the right on this planet to healthy, healing, natural untempered foods and the preservation of natural seeds ….  give your conscious support to this endeavor. I am not asking for money, not asking you to sign anything but simply this: inform yourself ….and be conscious – and support with your intention if you stand behind it…light a candle, hold it in your awareness.

Organic farmer’s case deserves be heard,  organic and “bio”  farming and and organic, non-genetically seeds  deserve to be protected.

Organic farmers should not have to fear a lawsuit if Monsanto contaminates their seeds and then sues them for stealing their patented genetically modified seeds … that is the insane world of utmost ego-maniacal greed and selfishness. Getting stuck at that level is a danger in the evolution of consciousness on this planet – and the only way out is waking up – for many people – ANYWHERE on this planet to move beyond that in their own lives and conscious evolution. Waking up IS the first and foremost task – waking up with your heart and mind and body. However YOU wake up, whatever the tools are that work for you – FIND them now.

Monsanto moved to dismiss the case & wants to shut down the farmers. January 31 is the hearing Organic farmers/Monsanto: Monsanto will be heard in federal district court January 31, 2012 in Manhattan. Judge Buchwald’s decision will establish if organic farmers are to see their day in court.

Not asking you to become an activists – asking you to become aware … read it and support with your consciousness if it is something you can stand behind. You can do more of course….if this ignites your passion – you will, even if sharing on your social network – someone there might REALLY be passionate about it.

Think about it: you are a grower of organic produce …and here comes Monsanto genetically modified seeds and contaminate the organic heritage …and THEY have the right to sue you for “stealing” their seeds  … is that the world you want to live in?

This is 2012 – time of change – waking up – and it actually has practical implications 🙂

Remembering back to my catholic upbringing, the message were there too: your belief has helped you – 100%- no doubt – belief – this kind of belief rests deep within you … at your core. Waking up is getting back there – through all the layers put over it. As a part of this body of being, not confined to your own personal body alone ….   YOU ARE CALLED.

Consciousness does NOT work linearly. It does NOT depend on time and space. YOUR consciousness matters. I think one of the reasons we are asked to find out passions is that it gives us access to the energy needed to physically do anything here. Combine that with your awakening spirit — and WOAH. Be blessed.

Again, January 31 is the hearing, in NYC Organic farmers/Monsanto –  your consciousness is needed!

Here is a post form a farmer

Chloe Ricesays:

This is so excellent. As a student of acroecology, future organic farmer, and a citizen of Earth, I thank you so much for your coming together and standing up for the future of our food, the rights of the family farmer, the rights of the consumer, and the rights of all other life on this planet that are and will be infringed upon by Monsanto’s irresponsible technology.

~Farmer Chlo

Thank you.

About osgata The Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association

  • Encourage the viability of responsive, regional, organic seed companies
  • Provide organic farmers with 100% of their organic seed needs
  • Improve the genetic diversity of agricultural crops
  • Protect and promote farmers’ rights to save and trade seed

Why organic seeds?

Independent seed resources.
The consolidation of seed resources and massive loss of genetic diversity is counteracted by organic seed producers.

Regionally adapted and robust. Varieties suited to local conditions are: more biologically diverse; resistant to pressure from disease, pests, climate and higher in nutritional value and taste.

Conventional Seed = more chemicals. Seed crops are in the ground longer than food crops requiring more applications of chemical pesticides and herbicides.

Support is needed to preserve the right of organic farming and organic seeds and protection against greedy lawsuits from large companies. This is a call for you to become aware ….and wake up a bit more – and include this in your awareness. Anything you can do beyond that – icing on the cake.  Maybe by now you can tell I feel passionate about this, even though I am not a farmer in my personal life.

Again, January 31 is the hearing, in NYC Organic farmers/Monsanto –  your consciousness is needed!