Energy Healing

On May 28, 2017,  I  “got the call”, as I explain it to myself, to start doing Long Distance Energy Healing, or, for short, Distance Energy Healing.

For now this is taking place during  live online events,  which are transmitted on lifestream.  IDHHB, the Institute for the Development of the Harmonious Human Being is  providing the live-online set up at this time here:  Distance Energy Healing

The event is scheduled weekly  on Fridays, 10:30-11:30 on gorebaggtv. Please see link for more information. You may join at any time. Anyone may be in the space, however, if you would like distant energy  work done, please indicate that with signing into the channel chat with OCD, (Open Channel DistanceEnergyHealing) or speak yes with your voice or in your mind in the space you are in. There is no guarantee, but without it, you will not be getting specific personal work on your energy field, but can still relax into the expanded state of the healing space.

Most of the related blog posts previously on this site on Distance Energy Healing  have been moved. You can find them here: Distance Energy Healing with Dok

Topics include the original announcement invitation, how it came about, general healing events write up and more.

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