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CQR – Blessings Amulet from Brane-Power Introductory Sale

In the back of your mind there may be this lingering question and doubt: What does Blessing mean and can I bless someone? – Yes, you may bless someone or something – and yes, you deserve to be blessed! To … Continue reading

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Brane-Power 2011 – New amulets, Generators and THE MATRICES

Because of this beautiful being, Skye,  who I had the privilege to care for until Mai and the subsequent readjustment to life without her and the development in Helping K9s, I admit not having spent as much much time and … Continue reading

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Aura photography change with Crystal Quantum Radio Amulets

Today someone sent in a very interesting testimonial. If you look  at the images, you can see a definite difference in size and color. This was nice to see. “A lady in our town, who runs a small café, has … Continue reading

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Taoist Yin-Yang Crystal Quantum Amulets

As a special invocation combining Crystal Quantum Amulets with the Taijitu, the Taoist symbol for Yin-Yang, we are introducing these special “Tao” amulets. Most amulet circuits can be made with this symbol. They will all be in a dollar size bezels. … Continue reading

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French Drop Amulet – sneek “view”

Brand new, here is a glimpse of the French Drop Amulet. As you can see, it is a pocket amulet and to be used in French Drop performance and practice. This is a balanced amulet with some weight and comes … Continue reading

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El Brujo – shamanic crystal radio amulet

The El Brujo is an amulet originally made specifically for shamanic use. It has since then been used by many others. This just came into yoyodyne today from someone in Eastern Europe, a theta Healer: “Hi! El Brujo came today. … Continue reading

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Prosperity Path – BeaconWork Sales Offer

The concept of “Prosperity” in antiquity and today, in many cultures, did not automatically mean personal wealth. It was more indicative of a condition of well-being and richness of life, and was meant in the sense of fullness of spirit … Continue reading

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Love Love Love

I love the fragrance of roses – LOVE it. Scents, aromatics, incenses and essential oils do influence your auric field, your subtle energies and your brain  and I like the effect of rose fragrance. It is delightful, uplifting, joyful, euphoric … Continue reading

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New August 2010: Healing Waters Amulet

I love this amulet – new in August of 2010 A Very Special Offer The Healing Waters Amulet is a beautiful amulet  meant to open the heart in a special way – so deeply felt compassion can arise. From this … Continue reading

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