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Which Super Beacon is best?

In deciding which Super Beacon is “better”,  it really is more of  a question of which Super Beacon fits better with your needs and preferences.

Super Beacon

Currently, Brane-Power offers 2 versions of the Super Beacon: The full size table top Super Beacon and the “portable” Super Beacon. They are both equally functional for the full Beacon Training and both come with built-in Black Tourmaline Protectors.

The Tourmalines are not visible in the Portable Super Beacon as they are part of the circuit and are contained within the black casing.

If you do energy work or have a healing practice with a healing room, or are planning to use the Super Beacon in a public place, a full size table top version is what I would recommend. That is what I would have chosen when I still had my healing practice. The Super Beacon just looks great and you can also demonstrate and have the client experience the hand cleansing and charging, which is nifty.  Check out the video on how that works.

Portable Super Beacon

However, if you do travel a lot and want to take the Super Beacon with you – then the Portable Super Beacon might be the way to go. It literally can fit into a pocket of a coat or jacket. You may want to consider if you visit clients in their homes, or go to fairs a lot, events such as burning man, visit yoga studios and so on. Or, maybe you really really don’t have the space to accommodate the full size Super Beacon in your home, in which case you’d get the portable. If you love your parallel world excursions or your daily beacon practice and travel a lot,  this portable meditation device is well worth it.

If you want to get both at the same time, there may be a a special offer or discount you can negotiate with brane-power.

In this video I tried to give you a visual impression of the size and spacial impact of the Portable Super Beacon and the Super Beacon as well as a quick demo of the cleanser/charger function.