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Prosperity Generator

New – this sounds great – and it works.


The Prosperity Generator is not a piece of science. It is strictly
magic, and works along Magical Mathematics principles, the Law of
Contagion and the Law of Similarity.

The Law of Contagion simply states that something which has once been in contact with something is and will be in contact with that thing forever, and what’s more, the contact can be enlarged, enhanced and deepened at any time following the initial contact. It works in a way that is similar to stroking a needle with a magnet. The needle becomes magnetized until trauma removes the magnetic orientation.

In a magical sense, one diamond is connected to all diamonds…and in a way, “diamondness” is a form of wealth. It’s all in the
construction and weaving of the words, the artifacts, the timing of
the operation… the variety of forms of wealth in this Prosperity
Generator all tend to point to prosperity, and prosperity attracts
prosperity. The Rich get richer.

The Law of Similarity simply put means that something that is similar to something else can be made to go into deep contact with the similar thing. Another way of saying this is that the model of the
thing is the thing itself.

The magical formula for this particular operation reads:

“A cluster of wealth produces a cluster of wealth.”

So you assemble a cluster of wealth — but what is wealth, exactly?

Scale, size, weight, mass, none of these are important
considerations. Quality, form and MAGICAL IDENTITY are everything.
You assemble a mass of wealth together in a small box, charge it up,
let it sit. Think of the generator as a gentle but insistent magnet,
attracting things like itself to itself.

You’ve undoubtedly noticed how this works in life. Those who don’t
need it get plenty, and more, offered to them. There’s nothing quite
so striking as seeing a multimillionaire celebrity accept a free
drink from an admiring fan, a free hotel suite, a free limo, a free
dinner with rare wine, a free headline room table at ringside, a free
guitar, drum kit or microphone and it goes on and on…the rich just
plain get richer and richer and richer…

How to hop on the bandwagon? Simple. Put a Prosperity Generator into your life! Let your box of wealth attract wealth!

Nothing to plug in! Nothing to charge up or recharge! No working
parts! Your Prosperity Generator is guaranteed to be completely free of any scientific device, principle or rules of logic — it’s
strictly magic!

Your Prosperity Generator has been assembled under ritual conditions.
Taking it apart would be very inadvisable. Later on, you might want to actually experiment with one of my “HomeBrew” Prosperity Generator Kits, in which you get all the parts laid out for you to see, touch and feel.

In the meantime, you’ll want to know some of the items used in your Prosperity Generator. Once you see the list, you’ll wonder how I can produce it for this low, low price.

I have used a number of rarities in your Prosperity Generator, among which are: a high-grade diamond, ruby and emerald, Biwa pearl, a very high-grade .985 fine gold nugget from the Yuba River, a high-grade RARE and unusual Victorian Period vintage solid silver coin from the gold fields of the 49’er Gold Rush, genuine frankincense, myrrh, storax, labdanum, rare botanicals and more, all rolled & wrapped in a bed of highly charged beeswax loaded with an infusion of millions of high-energy magnetic iron particles. You can’t buy this metallic beeswax anywhere, and it has to be compounded in ritual style.

The ultra-high rarity certified Mars Rock chondrite meteorite
particle is then loaded onto the wax base precisely at the deodite
center, measured by the EMF meter.

All this is placed in the special papier-mache round box on the
waning moon, then fumigated and charged on the waxing moon. The entire process takes a few weeks to complete. In the meantime, your Prosperity Generator is working for you from the first moment your order is taken — remember, it’s not science, it’s magic, and in magic, time is totally subjective.

The box is hand-made from pounded and mixed papers, some of which are very ancient. You’ll note that the papier-mache box is totally unadorned. You might feel inclined to decorate the box, but don’t do it. It’s vital that it remain as it is.

Keep in mind that the concept of the Prosperity Generator is old,
very old. It’s been around since caveman times. Your generator is
very similar to the ancient ones, with a few modern improvements here and there.

I produce several grades of Prosperity Generator:

1. Standard basics $108.00

Available only on demand, this is a very curtailed version, with just
the most basic items.

2. HighGrade $225.00

This is the Prosperity Generator you want. It has everything in it
and is intended to be used with the Prosperity Amulet and the Beacon.

3. Ultima Hi-Carat $300,000.00

The Ultima is designed for the experimentally inclined
multimillionaire, and utilizes several very high-grade gemstones,
including a large blue-white perfect 58 facet brilliant cut diamond,
large art-cut sapphire, 100 carat ruby and a perfect table-cut
emerald, a US government Gold Rush Period silver bar, palladium,
Trinitite, a large chondrite Mars Rock meteorite, a large specimen
grade gold nugget, and a very rare ancient Athenian Hellenic Greek
silver coin, along with several rare and expensive ancient and
medieval artifacts from Sumer, Babylon, Egypt and the Mayan culture.

I’ll be shipping the completed generators out next week. In the
meanwhile, they should be working for you. Each generator is
designated and complete, waiting only for the waxing lunar phase to
cap it and ship it out.

The moment you order your generator, your designated generator is working. Don’t be surprised to see results right away, although the type of result will definitely vary according to personal karma.

One general rule: if you’re living your life just for yourself and
your own benefit, this generator will probably not work for you.