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Brane – Power News Winter 2010/2011

In the last few weeks, E.J. Gold developed the Prosperity Generator – a device which works based on the Laws of Contagion and Similarity. Part of the components is a Crystal Quantum Radio Circuit. This is a truly fascinating little thing and worth reading about. The Prosperity Generator is not a piece of science. It is strictly magic, and works along Magical Mathematics principles, the Law of Contagion and the Law of Similarity.
For more info on these Laws and the content of the Prosperity Generator, check out yoyodyne’s page here.

In addition to the Prosperity Generator, a few other Brane-Power CQR Generators got created, such as the Sleep Generator, Love Machine and the Guru level psychic and magic protection device. Those all come in boxes with original signed art by E.J. Gold
And then there are simply the CQR boxes with the original Art – for some of your special little items – like the Angel Box.

Labyrinth Readers Amulet

Brand new is The Labyrinth Readers Amulet, which could be looked at as a wearable altar for those reading from the American Book of the Dead. It can be charged up and energized by leaving it on any stationary appropriate altar. The amulet will connect you with the reading circle and the highest reading vibrations during your work. For more on readings or how to become a reader, please visit The Clear Light website. I think you’ll find it well worth it.

Brand new is the special hanger for our custom necklaces, a design obtained during a parallel world excursion. Check it out here

In December 2010, we saw several new amulets, namely the Fertility, French Drop and the Lord’s Prayer Amulet.

Fertility Amulet
Lord's Prayer Amulet

The Fertility Amulet probably does not need further explanation, other than Beware! The French Drop Amulet is to be used in the practicing of the french drop, especially in the mirror practice, for those who are ready to move on from working with a coin – or those who don’t like working with a coin.

French Drop Amulet

The “other” news  is news on the music front: The Black Diode Raga – using the Udu, a traditional African women’s clay drum, E.J. Gold did this piece tuning into the Black Diode and  Quantum Amulet frequencies. Here are a couple of testimonials. sent to us via e-mail:
Black Diode, Quantum Witch and the drumming video

This was like entering a trance like state. I went deeper and deeper into the rhythm and felt a deep desire to leave my body. My legs, heavy as they were, were feeling the need to move and dance. I felt a swirling powerful energy moving around me. My third eye was pulsing and I felt I was accessing an ancient wiser part of me. I do feel this is an extremely strong energy and maybe it was a bit too much for me to handle on my first visit!


A few words about the black diode experience.

Just an outline without interpretation.. as I experienced it.

To begin, I was listening and following the rhythm and beat. It felt
as though EJ was feeling/slipping/sliding his way into the frequency
of the black diode and when he was in that frequency I felt an
outpouring of pure love, as if his only intention was to make a love
offering to the frequency, to offer himself to the frequency, to
simply love the frequency. I felt very loved.

After this there was an experience of the Shaman and the Journey.

I drifted from consciousness of drum and flowed through a series of
images/movement.. an experience of watching and simultaneously

There was a shamanic place, a circle of drums, the tribal elders and a
rhythmic dance

there was a passage through the woods and below the ground through a
honeycomb of crystal caves. Brighter than the sun

there was a cave of rejuvenation, I was an old woman, greeted by
adam/eve type man and woman of eternal youth and a submerging into a
pool of regeneration

There was a merging with the waters, moving backwards through youth
and physical manifestations to the experience of being a single cell,

Then I was out in the cosmos, merged with the infinite, one star, one
speck of heavens dust..

Then I was sucked into the centre of the earth or what felt like the
centre of an eternal black place and it was made known to me that the
only possible end to the experience of eternal darkness would be for
me to generate my own light, from my own heart. I had to remember who
I am and shine that light. It felt that I could take as long as I
needed to shine my light on the darkness of the world, no hurry and no
possibility of intervention. I was on my own. I went deep into my
heart and found a spark of light which began to spread and suddenly I
became aware again of the beat of the drum and I was a tiny spark of
light in the centre of that drum and the drum was playing only for me.
I was an embryo. and the drum was beating the vibrational frequencies
that would complete me. Again, the whole universe waited and beat its
rhythm waiting on my readiness to take birth from that uterus . I was
happy to take my time, experiencing that pulsing rhythm

suddenly I was outside the drum , and the drum and the drummer and all
of creation was contained within me

and the video ended and there was bliss

and then my phone rang!!!


January 29, 2011 - Healing Udu - Black Diode Raga