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Quantum consciousness – for organic farming and seeds

DATE to remember: January 31, 2012

Today’s quantum physics is getting there: Reality is not linear,  not time space as we perceive it … our world as we see it is not actually even there. Parallel universes exist & how anything and everything comes about is up for reevaluation and discovering as never before in our current earth history. Consciousness informs the manifest … and the manifest in turn informs consciousness. In a strange way – we are co-creating our world as we become conscious … as we “wake up”. You CAN change worlds. There is a natural wisdom, intelligence, consciousness that underlies the manifest world.

Waking up has different levels and stages. There is a level where you simply become aware… you inform yourself. One such event is the one referred to below, on January 31, 2012.

If you agree we have the right on this planet to healthy, healing, natural untempered foods and the preservation of natural seeds ….  give your conscious support to this endeavor. I am not asking for money, not asking you to sign anything but simply this: inform yourself ….and be conscious – and support with your intention if you stand behind it…light a candle, hold it in your awareness.

Organic farmer’s case deserves be heard,  organic and “bio”  farming and and organic, non-genetically seeds  deserve to be protected.

Organic farmers should not have to fear a lawsuit if Monsanto contaminates their seeds and then sues them for stealing their patented genetically modified seeds … that is the insane world of utmost ego-maniacal greed and selfishness. Getting stuck at that level is a danger in the evolution of consciousness on this planet – and the only way out is waking up – for many people – ANYWHERE on this planet to move beyond that in their own lives and conscious evolution. Waking up IS the first and foremost task – waking up with your heart and mind and body. However YOU wake up, whatever the tools are that work for you – FIND them now.

Monsanto moved to dismiss the case & wants to shut down the farmers. January 31 is the hearing Organic farmers/Monsanto: Monsanto will be heard in federal district court January 31, 2012 in Manhattan. Judge Buchwald’s decision will establish if organic farmers are to see their day in court.

Not asking you to become an activists – asking you to become aware … read it and support with your consciousness if it is something you can stand behind. You can do more of course….if this ignites your passion – you will, even if sharing on your social network – someone there might REALLY be passionate about it.

Think about it: you are a grower of organic produce …and here comes Monsanto genetically modified seeds and contaminate the organic heritage …and THEY have the right to sue you for “stealing” their seeds  … is that the world you want to live in?

This is 2012 – time of change – waking up – and it actually has practical implications 🙂

Remembering back to my catholic upbringing, the message were there too: your belief has helped you – 100%- no doubt – belief – this kind of belief rests deep within you … at your core. Waking up is getting back there – through all the layers put over it. As a part of this body of being, not confined to your own personal body alone ….   YOU ARE CALLED.

Consciousness does NOT work linearly. It does NOT depend on time and space. YOUR consciousness matters. I think one of the reasons we are asked to find out passions is that it gives us access to the energy needed to physically do anything here. Combine that with your awakening spirit — and WOAH. Be blessed.

Again, January 31 is the hearing, in NYC Organic farmers/Monsanto –  your consciousness is needed!

Here is a post form a farmer

Chloe Ricesays:

This is so excellent. As a student of acroecology, future organic farmer, and a citizen of Earth, I thank you so much for your coming together and standing up for the future of our food, the rights of the family farmer, the rights of the consumer, and the rights of all other life on this planet that are and will be infringed upon by Monsanto’s irresponsible technology.

~Farmer Chlo

Thank you.

About osgata The Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association

  • Encourage the viability of responsive, regional, organic seed companies
  • Provide organic farmers with 100% of their organic seed needs
  • Improve the genetic diversity of agricultural crops
  • Protect and promote farmers’ rights to save and trade seed

Why organic seeds?

Independent seed resources.
The consolidation of seed resources and massive loss of genetic diversity is counteracted by organic seed producers.

Regionally adapted and robust. Varieties suited to local conditions are: more biologically diverse; resistant to pressure from disease, pests, climate and higher in nutritional value and taste.

Conventional Seed = more chemicals. Seed crops are in the ground longer than food crops requiring more applications of chemical pesticides and herbicides.

Support is needed to preserve the right of organic farming and organic seeds and protection against greedy lawsuits from large companies. This is a call for you to become aware ….and wake up a bit more – and include this in your awareness. Anything you can do beyond that – icing on the cake.  Maybe by now you can tell I feel passionate about this, even though I am not a farmer in my personal life.

Again, January 31 is the hearing, in NYC Organic farmers/Monsanto –  your consciousness is needed!