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Brand New Super Deal: Set of Amulet Cards

Laminated Amulet Card Set

Everyone loves these cards. Brane-Power now has a complete set of  laminated amulet cards, each with a beautiful image and either a brief description or attribute list, some with testimonials. On the back of each card you’ll find useful information such as: “How to choose and amulet” and “How do I care for my amulet” and more. The final count will be close to 40 cards – and they are being sold at cost for those who can use them. Extremely useful, whether you are working on the road or in a Brane-Power Center.   Inquire – or you can order here.

This is really  priceless tool for those working with the amulets. I love these cards, they feel great and are both beautiful as well as useful. Now you don’t need to have a laptop and go online to show all the available amulets or buy an entire array or them  – just a few for actual samples, and then you can show the cards. They work quite well in fact in the process of choosing the right amulet.

For more info, write me or use the contact form.
Place your orders now as this first edition is getting printed this week.

Front and back of one of the amulet cards


Front and back of the cover card

Magical Treasure Trove

A treasure trove is a place where you can find treasure. In a certain way…the entire blog-post section is a kind of magical treasure trove 🙂 – indeed, this entire site is a magical treasure trove cove of sorts.

This is simply to tell you that certain posts are specifically tagged this way to make it easy to find special treasures. Have fun.

For the treasure of the week, Try the chest 😀

Too silly for ya? Well – ya never know what effects working with these beta blockers will have on you …..

Love Love Love

I love the fragrance of roses – LOVE it. Scents, aromatics, incenses and essential oils do influence your auric field, your subtle energies and your brain  and I like the effect of rose fragrance. It is delightful, uplifting, joyful, euphoric – simply wonderful.  Roses are not a symbol for Love for no reason.

In any case, just for fun and play and sheer beauty of the rose, a symbol of love, here is an image for your delight: a luminescent rose, the beautiful Love Amulet and divinely fragrant Love essential oils and bath salts. A wonderful gift.
Click on the image to get to the yoyodyne Love Amulet page.

But the question of Love is much much deeper.
At the end of your life, one of the questions might be: how well did you love? Did you love? Do you wish for deeper love in your life now? Love really does not need a special occasion. Do it now, give it now, allow it now!

In fact,

  • a Love Amulet
  • and the Loving Essential Oil

would make a fabulous CHRISTMAS gift. Everyone has a friend, a sister, a mother, a daughter,  a beloved – and that includes YOUR own SELF. I am voting for a special deal! 🙂 I betcha you can get one……2 days later: voila

Love Power Amulet plus Loving Oil

Special Offer Sales Price: $99.97

To tap into your capacity for real love.

Love for those you love every day – this is a great gift. A Crystal Quantum Radio amulet which can be worn anytime and the divinely transportative scent of “Loving” oil, an exquisite blend that incorporates the calming influence of patchouli and sandalwood with the classic heart opening effect of roses.

Loving – Essential Oil – regular price $35.00

Love Power Amulet  – regular price $125.00

Here is Brane-Power on the Love Amulet:

The Love Power amulet to tap into your capacity for real love. As the name suggests, this amulet is intended to bring love into your life, whether it be generally with all you encounter, in relationships or through tantra, down into your body or in subtle deep feelings. It facilitates heart opening and all that that entails. Increases love, compassion, empathy, connection to the divine love, radiant inner beauty.
It is also very good for healers. It has been described as subtle, strong and supportive.

“I feel that the Love Amulet has actually opened my heart.” — C.G., Montreal

We asked Lorraine, one of our distributors in Vancouver, Canada, how it is that she sells so many Love Power Amulets. Her response was, “People want more love in their life…the customer said that she felt that she was back in her heart centre and feeling like her true self, felt as though she had an energy around her that blocked out the other stuff.” — Lorraine, Vancouver, BC

“Believe it or not, the day after I got my Love Amulet, I met my soulmate.” — J.J., Woodstock, NY

Please keep in mind that we cannot list all attributes and effects that can possibly happen as a result of this kind of opening. Contact us at 530-271-2239 or yoyodyneindustries.com if you need any help choosing the best amulet for you at this time, we’ll be happy to assist you.

New August 2010: Healing Waters Amulet

I love this amulet – new in August of 2010

A Very Special Offer

The Healing Waters Amulet is a beautiful amulet  meant to open the heart in a special way – so deeply felt compassion can arise. From this deeply felt compassion, right action flows like water from a spring. As clear and clean water flows in the right measure, both nourishing and cleansing,  it allows for things to grow lush and beautiful. It does not discriminate. All in it’s reach will benefit. And so will your felt compassion touch what is suffering and help in any way it can. The Healing Waters Amulet  helps to develop the strength and resolve for right action, coming from understanding, to flow from us. This is an amulet to increase awareness of what healthy means in any given circumstance and be able to make the  right choices to support it. Its vision is one of health and radiance for all beings. Water stands for the life blood that flows in all of us as well as the earth. We are all deeply connected. Healthy water, healthy environment go together with healthy and compassionate attitude towards ourselves and all around us – and you and we are supporting this in a move towards balance.  As an action, this starts right now:
With the purchase of this amulet, you get  a very special discount and have the opportunity to  DONATE THE DIFFERENCE to a cause close to your heart!

Healing Waters Amulet –  in Sterling Silver Bezel

Healing Waters Amulet

Regular full price: $125.00

Your price to us:


Shipping: $5.00

You set aside:
$ 62.50
for a charity of your choice!

“The Healing Waters Amulet is being offered at 50% discount with the idea that you may set aside the savings of $62.50. This could form a small fund available to you for use however your open heart feels called to. It could be a donation to a charity, or ….who knows where your heart will lead. The idea is that the money is in a way already spent – so you don’t need to justify to yourself how you distribute your savings. Thus give your heart full rein…and send us a note if you like.”
Funds are low?: there are many ways to support this cause – just wearing your amulet and letting others know about this, energetically opening your heart and being to the suffering, the cause, the healing will make a difference. Maybe the effect is a change in your daily lifestyle? It is up to you how you are able and willing to support this. Money, time, energy? Who knows for sure which is more effective.
This is a real effort and a  real offering: Full 50% of the Healing Waters Amulets price is intended to flow  to a good cause or organization of your choice that  helps others and our precious planet, who is supporting all of us.
This amulet has no further discount.
Purchasing a Healing Waters Amulet does not only give you the benefits of the Brane-Power beta-blocking amulets,  it will also give energy to the efforts of those who are trying to help.

For any questions, write me or use this Contact Form on Yoyodyne Industries.

Healing Waters Amulet Creation Story:
Here is how this amulet came about: I was viewing a friend’s photo album on Facebook, and loved it, just loved it. The water looked wonderfully inviting and restorative and the birds looked so alive and in their element, like they are supposed to be.
Simply Beautiful. More photos are posted below.

Then I remembered something Michio Kaku posted a while back with images from the golf oil spill. Viewing that I cried,  feeling the pain of it, the unbelievable pain of it all. The images really say it best. So I asked for  a special Amulet to help – to make the world a healthier place. One that reminds me of radiance and beauty. An Amulet to open the heart to feel so that compassion can arise and and  to develop the  strength and resolve to the right action coming from understanding, an amulet to DO consciousness.
In this case this means supporting those who go out into the field to actually do that service….I so wished for the waters and the birds to be clean and clear.
This special amulet offer is being passed on here via Beacon-Work from Yoyodyne Industries.
I chose the International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC) because I really liked what I saw on their site and blogs. Here is a little more about the IBRRC :

The International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC) has been helping birds around the world since 1971. Its mission is to mitigate human impact on aquatic birds and other wildlife. This is achieved through rehabilitation, emergency response, education, research, planning and training.

The International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC) has partnered
with Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research, Inc. to rescue wildlife affected by the oil spill.  A team of bird rescue specialists has
been deployed to work with Tri-State leaders.
BP has committed to paying for the clean-up and wildlife rescue
efforts in the Gulf of Mexico following the Deepwater Horizon oil
spill. While your donations cannot be used to fund bird rescue operations in
the Gulf of Mexico spill, IBRRC welcomes support for our ongoing
programs and to cover the cost of future rescue efforts.

Oil covered Pelicans: photos by AP PhotoCharlie Riedel
Happy Water and Bird Pictures: Sharon Hartnett

Are there other non-profit organizations that could use your help? Yes, of course. Choose to donate to the one you are inspired by. You too can order  this special custom charity  amulet and donate to your favorite cause for healing and helping.

Not sure?  No worries. You might like to participate FREE in our  Martial Energetics – a step towards health, awareness and energy flow for your body and being, which could  turn out to be life-changing.
Tune in Fridays at 330pm PT for Martial Energetics on Gorebaggtv with Jim Rodney.
Here is what Jim has to say about the Martial Energetics.:

Martial Energetics is a series of exercises and movements culled from a variety of oriental martial arts including Isshinryu Karate, Fukien White Crane, Tai Chi, Aikido, Jiu Jitsu and I Chuan. We´ll be exploring these exercises in weekly sessions with the intention of:

o Increasing strength and flexibility
o Improving agility and coordination
o Sharpening mental and psychic focus
o Building internal energy and Chi
o Developing a sense of center and grounding
o Improving overall health and well being

Martial Energetics is not about fighting, self defense or the  development of combat skills. It does however, draw from the ancient tradition of consciously defending oneself and maintaining one´s energy and center in the midst of conflict. This training is intended to cultivate an increased awareness of the flow of Life Energy, both inside and outside the physical body, as well as to help develop a disposition of warriorship, an important step in developing a foundation from which to deal with the stresses of day to day  physical plane existence.

Martial Energetics is open to anyone who has interest – no previous martial arts experience is necessary. Emphasis is on energy,  awareness and flow. There is no pressure to perform, compete or excel  in any way. Training is self-paced; each individual determines the  level of intensity of their own practice and trains at a pace which  is comfortable for them. Also each individual is expected to be aware  of their own physical and energetic limitations and not attempt to participate in ways that might cause injury, fatigue, distress or be otherwise counter-productive.

Each onsite session is currently limited to four participants. Let us know if you´d like to participate in person. I look forward to training with you!


Tune in & take advantage of this opportunity.
Your IDHHB GorebaggTV Crew

About the amulets – from Brane-Power’s Yoyodyne Industries: This Beta Blocker CQR – Crystal Quantum Radio™ Amulet is tuned to the Schumann Harmonic, the World-Sound made by radio waves emanating from the stars and the explosive force of the Big Bang at the moment of Creation. Never needs batteries or recharging, this Quantum Device is powered directly by radio waves from outer space. E.J. Gold’s Beta Blockers use vintage 1900s crystal radio technology to calm your busy brain and allow your natural spiritual, psychic and intuitive abilities to come through. Users report interesting results related to creativity, skills, prosperity, lucid dreaming, past lives recall, relationships, parallel worlds, harmony, relaxation, intelligence, memory, and more.