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Brand New Super Deal: Set of Amulet Cards

Everyone loves these cards. Brane-Power now has a complete set of  laminated amulet cards, each with a beautiful image and either a brief description or attribute list, some with testimonials. On the back of each card you’ll find useful information … Continue reading

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Magical Treasure Trove

A treasure trove is a place where you can find treasure. In a certain way…the entire blog-post section is a kind of magical treasure trove – indeed, this entire site is a magical treasure trove cove of sorts. This is … Continue reading

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Prosperity Path – BeaconWork Sales Offer

The concept of “Prosperity” in antiquity and today, in many cultures, did not automatically mean personal wealth. It was more indicative of a condition of well-being and richness of life, and was meant in the sense of fullness of spirit … Continue reading

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Love Love Love

I love the fragrance of roses – LOVE it. Scents, aromatics, incenses and essential oils do influence your auric field, your subtle energies and your brain  and I like the effect of rose fragrance. It is delightful, uplifting, joyful, euphoric … Continue reading

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New August 2010: Healing Waters Amulet

I love this amulet – new in August of 2010 A Very Special Offer The Healing Waters Amulet is a beautiful amulet  meant to open the heart in a special way – so deeply felt compassion can arise. From this … Continue reading

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