Becoming a wholesaler

Recently we have had a number of inquiries on how to become a wholesaler for Brane-Power™ Products, especially the Amulets.

It’s rather simple actually.

Send in your inquiry or statement of intention to become a wholesaler.
You will be sent the wholesale price list and the special wholesale introduction offer (optional, but a good deal).

California residents must have a valid business license and provide that number to Brane-Power™.

To be sent a price list, there needs to be a name and mailing address. If your business has a website, please include your link in the request. We’d love to hear more from you. Please write a few sentences about your business and business plan for your new Brane-Power wholesale venture.

Getting started is really easy and we are looking forward to working with you.

You can use this contact form here

or the contact form on

If you are thinking to open a Brane-Power Center, this will give you some information and hints

Blessings to you

From all of us at Beaconwork and Yoyodyne Industries

Beaconwork is about the Crystal Quantum Radio Devices from Brane-Power to help with transformation of life, self, accessing alternate realities and parallel selves – for the benefit of all