Opening a Brane-Power™ Center

Recently more people have asked what is needed to open a Brane-Power™ Center. We are happy that you have been touched and inspired by these tools to make them available to others. That is the most important ingredient in this. Here are some of our suggestions and considerations on practical matters.

When you open a Brane-Power™ Center for public access, you are making the Beacon™ and Crystal Quantum Radio Amulets™ available to anyone who is interested to explore this and comes across your Center or your advertisement. This is different from having friends come over to your house and try out the Beacon™, and it is important to be aware of this difference.

So for a Brane-Power™ Center you will need a space. This could be your own office in an office building, a rented space in someone else’s studio or clinic or some other suitable public space. This space could be in a quiet corner in a bookstore for example. The hours can be posted or by appointment, this is up to you.

A Brane-Power™ Center without a Beacon™ or Super Beacon™ would not make sense. Each Center needs a Beacon™ or Super Beacon™, a table and a chair. A 3-minute time simply sitting holding the grippers can be quite powerful for people. Some like to sit longer. Getting into a relaxed, meditative state faster can be helpful in any type of energy or body-work you might be doing. For those who wish to go further with BeaconWork, you will need the Level 1 PUP™ Inductions and/or the Zone Box™ Induction CDs. The Daily Practice Meditation CDs are also useful. If you wish to make headphones and a CD player available, that facilitates the process. Alcohol wipes work to clean the grippers and headphones. Those coming back for the entire Beacon Training™ often choose to bring their own player and/or headphones. A log is very useful to keep track of progress and experiences. There are Meditation Music CD’s which could be offered, for on-site use or for sale. The Laminated Beacon™ – Card also has very useful information.

Which Super Beacon™ would we recommend for a Center?: The table version as seen here, if you have the table space. For a visual on the difference or the Super Beacon™ and the Portable Super Beacon™, the video at the bottom of the page might be helpful.

We suggest you have a couple of books Parallel Worlds Explored available for sale.

A Set of Amulet Cards has been very popular as well as helpful in choosing the right amulet for someone, in addition to a few amulets on display for sale.

Some promotional material to hand out is very useful also.

You most likely will want to apply for wholesaler status with Brane-Power.

Regarding payment, some have asked: do I charge, or how much can I charge? – Do what seems right for you and where you work. A
FREE 3 minute stressbuster meditation, a donation box, asking a small fee for each of the PUP induction training, or not – it’s all ok.

Ethics and conduct: in this video from the early days of Brane-Power™, E.J. Gold talks about how to conduct a Brane-Power™ Center.

Super Beacon™ and Portable Super Beacon™

Beaconwork is about the Crystal Quantum Radio Devices from Brane-Power to help with transformation of life, self, accessing alternate realities and parallel selves – for the benefit of all