My Super Beacon Experience

Why do I call it that – because it was THE experience with a Crystal Quantum Radio Device that …I could not deny… personally experienced.

It was at the very very beginning in the Crystal Quantum Radio development – before anything was out there in public. …..

I will write about it soon enough – without looking at my notes, just what I remember after more than 5 1/2 years. Deep breath – and yes, it is what makes me accept all those testimonials….it works.beacon-original

2 thoughts on “My Super Beacon Experience”

  1. Thank you for this important information about the SuperBeacon, you are one of the few who is willing to talk about this device. I am going to purchase this soon! Could I have permission to quote you on my blog? I would love to get the word out about the SuperBeacon and the rest of them. But your testimony would be awesome!

    Thanks for your courage!

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